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Pink Rose Quartz Face Roller, Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set, Facial Beauty Roller Skincare Tool, for Face, Eye and Neck Massage

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Product Description


About Jade Roller

Jade stone considered a symbol of beauty, grace and longevity has long been revered in the east for centuries.

Natural jade skin roller full of active minerals and healing ions,can help improve blood circulation, Relax your Body,skin tone and reduce puffiness, wrinkles, black eye, eliminates toxins

A secret natural skincare tool that will cool, tighten, and depuff your face in minutes.

Dull, Puffy Skin Be Gone

There’s nothing worse than busy all day or staying up all night, leaving the traces of time, and waking up every day to find a swollen face in the mirror. Rather than getting through the day with fatigue on your face, pick up our Jade Roller and start vanishing evidence of last night with each stroke, restoring balance and energy to your skin









100% natural Jade Stone

Mustheo rose jade roller and gua sha tools are made out of 100% natural Brazilian rose quartz crystal stone

No squeaky and more sturdy

Mustheo jade roller is made with mute design and upgraded framework which prevent the roller from making any noise and dropping off. Furthermore, it will give you a smoother and lighter skin massage

Stronger and more fashion handle

Mustheo jade roller has improved by adding fashion design, and using rose petals and acrylic materials. This upgrade makes our roller more beautiful and unlikely to broke into two

Gua Sha Scraper

Mustheo scraper is polished by hand which makes it smoother and anti-static. Our scraper is very suitable for medium pressure and large muscle massage, such as shoulders, back


Help Skincare Absorb

The special properties of each gemstone roller work synergistically with your serums, facial oil and moisturizers to help them absorb deeper into skin.

It can also be cooled in the refrigerator to improve its anti-inflammatory and soothing effects


How to Use Your Rose Quartz Roller

1. Eyes: Use the smaller end of your roller for the skin around your eyes. Begin by placing your roller on the inner corner of your under eye. Roll outwards towards your ear. Repeat 5 times, then repeat on the other side.

2. Forehead: Start by gently placing your rose quartz roller on the center of your forehead near your hairline. Roll downwards towards your ear until you reach your temple. Repeat 5 times, then repeat on the other side.

3. Face: Roll your cheekbones, lips, and chin using the same basic method as your forehead and eyes. Starting at the center of your face (next to your nose, in the center of your upper lip, or the center of your chin), roll outwards towards your ears. Repeat 5 times on each side.


How to use Gua Sha

Moving over each section 5-10 times with a light to medium pressure. Start at the back of the neck moving in an upward motion, pausing and wiggling at hairline. Move to the sides of the neck starting at the shoulder, moving up to the back of the ear and wiggle. Move to the front and continue the same motion, starting at the collarbone moving up and wiggling at the jaw. Move to the jawline and work up the cheeks towards the temples. Next move to the under eye area and use light pressure moving outward. Move to under brows and work in an upward motion and wiggle at the hairline. To aid lymph drainage, finish at the top of the neck using the gua sha tool in a downward motion draining towards the lymph nodes


REDUCES UNDER-EYE PUFFINESS/INFLAMMATION – Real rose quartz crystal is cool and refreshing to the face; using the small roller under the eyes will reduce puffiness; use in the morning after placing in the refrigerator overnight for maximum benefit
SMOOTH NO NOISE ROLLER – Enjoy a relaxing facial massage with the easy, breezy use of our high-quality roller; each of our facial rollers is tested to ensure completely smooth, non-squeaky use for your most soothing experience
Gua Sha: not only can improve circulation of blood flow, but it also helps the cells in the skin get sufficient nutrition and oxygen, accelerate the metabolism of cells, and maintain the elastic state of your skin
OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU – Give this massage tool a try and if it’s not for you, let us know anytime within 3 months and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase.

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Pink Rose Quartz Face Roller, Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set, Facial Beauty Roller Skincare Tool, for Face, Eye and Neck Massage

$15 $14

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