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BIERDORF Adjustable Fitness LAT and Lift Pulley System,Pulley System Gym,LAT Pull Down Machine,Cable Pulley Attachments for Gym Pulley Cable Machine System for Home

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$89 $60

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Product Description

BIERDORF LAT and Lift Pulley SystemBIERDORF LAT and Lift Pulley System

BIEDORF LAT and Lift Pulley System,Reliable Fitness Equipment for You

Life and work are so busy nowadays, there is very little time to go to the gym for exercise. BIERDORF provides you with professional home fitness equipment, so that you can enjoy professional fitness equipment like a gym at home. While ensuring safety and stability, BIERDORF will give you an excellent fitness experience,so that your whole body muscles can be fully exercised.



Woven with heavy-duty nylon rope, and the end of the rope is wrapped with non-slip rubber to prevent you from getting out of your hands or slipping due to sweating during fitness, and to improve your fitness efficiency.

The corrosion-resistant metal buckle on the rope can be used with various fitness equipment. The triceps rope is mainly used for triceps pull-down and rope pull-down exercises to increase the strength of the triceps



The straight bar is made of high-strength steel. The whole bar is treated with rust prevention, and the handle is covered with granular rubber. The excellent hand feel greatly enhances the user experience.

The Straight bar are used for biceps curling and high pull-down exercises to strengthen biceps and back muscles.

The length of the newly upgraded straight bar has been increased to 20 inches, making you safer and more comfortable during fitness and suitable for people with wider shoulders.



Adjustable steel cable

Adjustable steel cable



360° Rotatable Silent Pulley

The pulley is made of heavy-duty steel,can prevent the rope from twisting and rotate 360°. When in use, the pulley runs very smoothly and silent. Make your fitness experience better.

90“ Adjustable High-Strength Steel Cable

The cable is made of multiple high-strength steel wires and wrapped with thick rubber to protect it from injury during use. The user can adjust the cable to a suitable length at will, avoiding the wrong length of the cable cause poor fitness experience. The operation is simple and easy to use.

Upgraded Loading Pin

The loading pin is strong and durable, with a maximum load of 280lb. The latest design makes the loading pin suitable for both standard and Olympic weight plates, and the dumbbell clip makes the weight plates more stable.

two connection methodstwo connection methods

Two fitness modes

There are two fitness modes, Lift-Up and Pull-Down, through different assembly methods, which are suitable for exercising different muscles. Ensure that the muscles in each part can be fully exercised.


What‘s in Box:

Tricep Rope *1

Straight Bar *1

90 Inch Cable *1

Hanging Strap *1

Silent Pulley *1

Upgrade Loading Pin *1

Widen Loading Pin*1

Dumbbell Clip *1

U Screw *2

Hoist Buckle*3

Fixing Ring *1

Combination Wrench *1

Detachable Handle & Two Exercise Modes: The detachable handle allows you to freely change the straight bar and triceps rope. By changing the connection mode of the hoist buckle and the high-strength alloy cable, two exercise modes can be carried out: lift and pull down. Different exercise modes can fully exercise your different muscle parts, such as biceps, triceps, back, shoulders and so on.
High-quality and High-strength Materials: The product contains 90-inch high-strength alloy cables, wrapped in high-quality rubber, and can be adjusted to a suitable length at will. The silent pulley is made of special heavy-duty steel and can rotate 360°without making noise during operation. The hoist buckles at the connection are made of high-strength steel to prevent wear. We have added care to each key part of the product to protect your absolute safety and comfort during exercise.
Easy to Assemble and Carry: All parts of the product are linked by high-strength buckles, which can be disassembled and combined at will, and can be installed wherever you want, such as beams, power cages, pull up bars and other positions that can be installed. After quick assembly, you only need to add a weight plate to start fitness anytime, anywhere. The compact size of the package after unpacking allows you to carry it with you, and even take it on trips.
The Latest Upgraded Loading Pin: The upgraded loading pin can be widened with a detachable pin to adapt to both Olympic and standard weight plates. The maximum load-bearing capacity is 280LBS. The barbell clip can firmly fix the detachable pin to prevent Sliding and making noise improve your fitness experience.
BIERDORF is committed to providing high-quality home fitness equipment to people who love fitness. If you have any questions or suggestions about our Pulley System Gym, you can contact us, and we will give you a satisfactory answer as soon as possible.

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BIERDORF Adjustable Fitness LAT and Lift Pulley System,Pulley System Gym,LAT Pull Down Machine,Cable Pulley Attachments for Gym Pulley Cable Machine System for Home

$89 $60

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