You Must Explore the Vogue In 2022

If one of your 2022 goals includes sharpening your makeup skills or diversifying your skincare collection, then who better to learn from than Youtube’s best, globally renowned, and exceptionally talented beauty gurus? The 15 artists mentioned in our list are skincare wizards, makeup YouTubers, beauty aficionados turned-entrepreneurs, and magazine editors, who are making a permanent imprint on the beauty business.

They not only equip you with clever lipstick tricks and smart hacks, but they also create viral trends, launch their own products and make sure that brands include diversity and products for all skin and body types. So hit that follow button on these YouTuber’s channels if you haven’t already!

Here below is the list of Top 15 Makeup YouTubers-


Yuya: Best Makeup YouTuber

The stunning Mexican YouTuber Yuya is one of the most well-known makeup gurus on all of YouTube. Acquiring over 3M supporters in 2017, she turned into the first ever female YouTuber to pass the 20M achievement, joining the league of the 30 greatest channels on the platform.

Yuya has also authored 2 books and curated a fragrance in her name as well. In October 2017, Yuya also opened her own line of cosmetics.

In her videos, she talks about a wide scope of points mostly concerning women’s beauty and hygiene. Her most popular video is one where she talks about her experience attempting a menstrual cup, accumulating above and beyond 7M views.

It’s impossible to tell what Yuya will achieve next, as she continues to consistently grow her already huge youtube account and fanbase – who knows, she might even become a household name in the coming years!

Yuya currently has a subscriber base of 24.6 million.

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star: Makeup YouTuber

Who hasn’t heard about Jeffrey Star? From controversies to sheer talent, this YouTuber has been a part of it all! Jeffree claims to have been fixated on cosmetics since the age of 13. In those days, he would take his mom’s eye shadows and duplicate looks from the style advertisements in magazines. 

In 2014, he decided to launch his own cosmetics line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics with the assistance of previous companion Kat Von D, and it immediately took off. Exactly what amount? As per Forbes, his line sells more than $100 million worth of cosmetics every year.

Prior to beginning his own beauty range, Jeffree worked behind cosmetics counters, similar to MAC Cosmetics, and worked as a makeup artist for celebrities, high-end fashion shoots, and weddings.

Jeffree Star has a current subscriber base of 16.4 million.

Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan

Next on our list is none other than the makeup mogul Huda Kattan. Huda started out as a beauty vlogger and created her channel Huda Beauty in 2010.

She made informational tutorials and master tips which drove her to have an impressive presence via social media and YouTube. She surprised her fan base by launching her own faux eyelashes.

Encouraged by her sisters, Huda took a loan from her sisters and dispatched her own line of synthetic and false mink lashes through Sephora. They were a big hit and sold out on the first day itself.

To top it all, she even received appreciation from Kim Kardashian which prompted considerably more exposure for her brand. 

Before long, Huda Beauty which is situated in Dubai itself, begun producing a wide range of cosmetic products, from foundations, concealers, lipsticks, eye shadows, setting powders, highlighters, and brushes; In its first year, Huda beauty had an estimated sales of $1.5 million which jumped straight to $10 million the following year.

James Charles

James Charles: Makeup YouTuber

Despite the numerous controversies that surround James Charles, he has a loyal fan base and is exceptionally talented when it comes to makeup. 

Charles became someone to look out for when he was named the CoverGirl ambassador in October 2016 at 16 years old. “Meet @JamesCharles: cosmetics craftsman, limit breaker, and the most up to date COVERGIRL!” the brand captioned Charles’ photo to make the announcement.

The YouTuber later showed up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and claimed that he began wearing cosmetics only one year before achieving this position. 

Charles has worked with quite a few Hollywood bigwigs including Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Zhavia Ward — to make content for his YouTube channel.

He also tried his hand at music videos when he worked with Iggy Azalea on her “Sally Walker” video shoot. The makeup Youtuber did a dazzling blue eye shadow look on the rapper. She later collaborated with her to reproduce it on his YouTube page.

Nabela Noor

Nabela Noor

In 2013, Noor began her now well-known YouTube channel after not seeing individuals like herself on TV. Noor is a proud plus-sized, Muslim- American woman.

She never saw anyone like herself on Disney channel, ABC channel, and the likes. She wanted representation and she wanted to make others like her feel seen.

Noor came to the realization that if she did not see people like her being portrayed on mainstream media then she was supposed to do something about it herself.

Today, Noor has more than 1 million subscribers on youTube. She creates lifestyle and makeup videos discussing her life and reviewing cosmetics as a plus-sized Muslim-American lady. She also creates makeup tutorials.

Manny Gutierrez

Manny Gutierrez: American Makeup YouTuber

Also called Manny Gutierrez, Manny MUA is the first ever male brand ambassador for the cosmetics brand Maybelline. Manny’s popularity continues to develop with each passing day because of his enormous accomplishment in the beauty industry.

Encouraged by his mom since a young age, Manny has been dynamic on YouTube since 2014, acquiring 4.86 million subscribers since then.

In almost all of Manny’s videos, you will see some other Youtuber. He’s a firm believer in collaborations and so far, it really has worked out well for him. It breaks the monotony of watching only one person continuously.

Manny is one of those YouTubers who appreciates reviewing truly weird items that not every person would use on a regular basis. Thus, it entertains his crowd since they would obviously never try them out themselves.

Nikkie de Jager

Nikkie de Jager: Best Dutch Makeup YouTuber

With 13.8 million subscribers on YouTube, NikkieTutorials is without a doubt quite possibly the most well known and adored beauty guru on the planet. 

Nikkie de Jager began sharing cosmetics tutorials online in 2008 and has proceeded to make significant progress in the makeup business. She has even worked with celebrities like Lady Gaga and delivered cosmetics with brands like Ofra Cosmetics.

De Jager additionally came out as a transgender woman by means of a YouTube video, encouraging millions of her followers to be comfortable and proud in their own skin.

Since being a YouTuber was definitely not a very profitable career option in 2008, de Jager sought after professional makeup classes with the artist Pascale Tesser in 2010.

The classes drove her to join Tesser’s Colourfool Agency in 2011, which later gave her makeup gigs at worldwide TV shows and magazines like Marie Claire. In 2014, nonetheless, she went independent and pursued her passion by taking up YouTube as a full-time career.

Thuy Le

Thuy Le: Makeup YouTuber

A full-time fashion and beauty influencer, Thuy’s current job was pretty much unimaginable a few years ago. Her extraordinary style and trustworthiness have won her 1.4 million Instagram followers and 459k youtube subscribers since 2016.

During a time when anybody with a camera and internet access can post via online media, the race to acquire genuine consideration as an influencer is a tough one.

Thuy accepts that people are attracted to her as she does not hide her slip-ups and weaknesses in the cosmetics world, instead of showing just an enhanced with Photoshop final image of herself.

In the beginning, her objective was to hit 10,000 subscribers. It took her a very long time and she almost gave up trying to reach that. However, once her fan base started growing, she realized that she just needed to be herself and not try to compare herself with other YouTubers.

Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg

Sugg began publishing content in the form of blogs and vlogs as Zoella in 2009 where she reviewed fashion and makeup products while working at New Look.

She named her first channel “zoella280390” which signifies her birth date. In 2013, the Telegraph named her as one of “England’s most influential Tweeters.”

In 2014, she dispatched Zoella Beauty, a line of cosmetics. That very year she marked a three-book deal with Penguin Books. Her book Girl Online broke the record for the most noteworthy first-week sales of a debut author.

She has since composed Girl Online: On Tour, Girl Online: Going Solo, the book based on real events Cordially Invited, and the book series The Magpie Society with co-writer Amy McCulloch.

Sugg currently has 4.9 million youtube subscribers and her numbers are increasing with each passing day.

Shayla Mitchell

Shayla Mitchell: Makeup YouTuber

Shayla Mitchell was born in Los Angeles, California, she was first taken notice of when she launched her YouTube channel back in 2012. She earlier aimed at becoming a celebrity makeup artist. Today, she isn’t only an astounding MUA but also a YouTuber and an Instagram influencer. 

Her stunning photographs and videos have accumulated her more than 2 million followers on Instagram alone. The 30-year-old diva is proud of her curves and propagates body positivity through bold pictures in barely-there swimsuits is regularly seen treating her fans with astonishing bold photographs of herself.

She posts a blend of cosmetics, beauty, and style on her Instagram, going from laid back to glamorous. There’s a little something for everybody, and regardless of which look she’s serving, they all look stunning.

Mitchell utilizes YouTube as a stage to distribute her cosmetics tutorials, with snippets posted on Instagram. Her other Instagram posts are weighty on promotion and since the arrival of Instagram Reels, she has been posting extraordinary cosmetics tutorials in Reels.



Cohl, whose Youtube channel is named CohlsWorld, was born on May 14, 1999, in the United States of America. He lives with his family and grew up with three sisters. Cohl is extremely close to his mom and takes a lot of inspiration from her.

He is a talented makeup artist and a growing Youtuber. Basically, Cohl is well recognized for his work all over social media

The Youtuber has more than 374k devotees on Instagram and has more than 148k subscribers on youtube. Cohl always urges his fans to discover and accept their true selves by sharing their own path to self-realization.

This incorporates him opening up about his coming out story in the video called ‘WHY I SUED MY-HIGH SCHOOL’ about a 2019 harassment incident. 

His abilities and good example attract immense recognition and industry collaborations. He is exceptionally talented and skilled in his profession.



SaraBeautyCorner is a famous YouTube marvel from Norway who abandoned her profession in finance to seek after her real calling – Creativity. Her real name is Sara Marie Lawler. 

She pursued her passion in the creative field and consequently in 2013. She took her passion to YouTube to explore her ability and creative side.

Usually, Youtubers take several videos to get popular but Sara caught everyone’s attention in her first video.

Her first ever video on YouTube had a silly title. She wanted to stand apart by telling her viewers that she is not just another beauty guru. It surprisingly gained more than 2 million views instantly.

While her YouTube channel has 10.5 million subscribers, her Instagram account has more than 323k followers.

Her DIY uploads are immensely well known. Her DIY uploads give the audience simple hacks on the most proficient method to make things from easily available stuff at home. Sara also comes up with relatable silliness in some of her videos to make her fans feel more connected with her.


GlitterAndLazers: Makeup YouTuber

Anna O’Brien, the founder Glitzandlazers, is an American social media sensation. She has established the super popular style blog Glitter and Lazers.

Anna O’Brien made her big break on YouTube, where she has accumulated 280k followers in a very short time. She later went on to other online media channels like Instagram (694k followers) and TikTok (6.9 million followers). 

O’Brien is a notable representative of the plus-size community. She has led missions to advance the inclusion of the community in fields like modeling. The fashion icon additionally utilizes social media to promote clothing that is both comfortable and stylish for her community. 

O’Brien defines confidence beautifully. She has been ceaselessly trolled all through her social media career, however, she hasn’t let it fluster her. In any case, she will not withdraw from her journey in light of what individuals are saying about her.

Anna will not let any hate bring her to the ground. Anna’s certainty and self-conviction were on full presentation when she completed a swimsuit shoot. It was right in the middle of Times Square.

Marianna Hewitt

Marianna Hewitt

Successful YouTubers and influencers sell. Brands know this. Also, a lot of individuals might want to call themselves influencers, however, when we live in a world in which Kim Kardashian rounds up a whopping $700K for a solitary appearance. It takes significantly more than just a few thousand Instagram followers to make a career out of it. It’s difficult about online media. 

More than being just about social media, it’s tied in with building a balanced individual brand that fans can both relate to and strive for.

That is by and large what Marianna Hewitt, a blogger, YouTuber — and indeed, a force to be reckoned with — who has been slowly cornering the beauty and lifestyle segment. She has figured out how to do, in a moderately brief timeframe.

Since beginning her blog, Life With Me, only a few years back, she’s piled up over 1M Instagram followers. She has been tapped by significant brands like Colgate, Estée Lauder, and American Express for collaboration. Her current youtube subscribers are 301K.



Even though placed last on our list, Eunice or Euniunni is definitely a major player in the game. She is a micro beauty influencer who’s causing ripple effects from Youtube to Instagram.  She was born in South Korea but raised in Los Angeles, California.

Try not to let the size of her Instagram following (52.4K) debilitate you. Smaller influencers frequently have amazingly loyal supporters that assist with driving engagement. In most cases, smaller influencers have the potential to create more conversion-driven campaigns than bigger influencers. 

Eunice’s posts are easy-going and fun, all the while showcasing genuine talent in cosmetics and healthy skin. Regardless of whether it’s a quick everyday look or ancient Korean skincare regimes, she offers the best guidance and tips. She offers tips for anybody searching for youthful glowing skin.

Eunice also gives insights into the Korean lifestyle and how it is drastically different from the American way of living.


If you are a makeup enthusiast, YouTube is an excellent platform to receive professional beauty advice for free! 

If you are a brand looking to collaborate with an influencer, choosing the right makeup YouTuber will depend entirely on your brand’s audience and requirements. To gain real success via collaboration, go for an influencer that will help you reach a wider audience and increase your brand awareness.

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