What is SafeMoon? The new crypto craze explained like you’re 5

„What is SafeMoon?“ is one of the most searched questions on Google as the new lunar-inspired cryptocurrency craze takes over social media. SafeMoon is a DeFi token. DeFi is a portmonteau of the words „decentralized finance,“ a cryptocurrency movement that seeks to cut out authoritative institutions (e.g. banks and government bodies) via blockchain technology.

SafeMoon is the baby of the cryptocurrency world compared to more established digital assets like Bitcoin and Dogecoin; the DeFi token was launched into the market just a few weeks ago. Despite its youth, SafeMoon is already the talk of the town. In this explainer, we’ll dive into everything you need to know: what is SafeMoon, how to buy SafeMoon and whether it’s a worthy investment.

What is SafeMoon?

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