The Post-Bug Economy

Both times, although the ordering has been a bit of a struggle, the food has arrived in double-quick time once ordered.

In some ways even the ordering process is more efficient because it stymies those time-wasting types who like to ask waiters and waitresses questions about the dishes and sometimes try and get them tweaked.

It made me wonder whether hostelries are responding to a new appreciation of tech or to a shortage of available staff because it could be that necessity has been the mother of invention.

Here, as well as in the US, there is the identical phenomenon of loads of job vacancies while furloughed workers are quitting their jobs.

In America, in April, there were 10 million unemployed, 9.3 million vacancies and 4 million people quit work with Q1 productivity increasing 5.4% – the fastest in 20 years.

If automation is delivering the same output with fewer workers while companies are increasing wages to attract staff – which seems to be the case – then the post-bug economy could be an agreeable one.

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