Spring Produce Guide: Herbs, Herb Recipes and More

While many are available year-round from the grocery store, summer brings abundant fresh herbs that thrive in hot weather, such as basil, rosemary, and thyme, to the farmers’ market. You can use fresh herbs in innumerable ways for every type of dish: Add them to marinades, throw them into salads, purée them into pesto and toss with pasta or vegetables, and use them to infuse oils or even flavor ice creams.

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Leaves should be bright and uniformly colored, with crisp and firm stems. Select herbs with a fresh, vibrant fragrance, and avoid anything that seems overly moist or smells musty.


Remove any wilting or rotting leaves. Snip half an inch off the ends of your herbs and stand them upright in a jar filled with an inch or two of water. Cover the top of the jar with a perforated plastic bag and store it in your fridge.


Gently wash herbs under cold running water or agitate leafy herbs in a bowl of cold water until the grit settles at the bottom of the bowl; pat dry with kitchen towels.

Herb Recipes

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