Plessey’s Year Of Expansion

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RAPID expansion was the keynote of 1960 for the Plessey Co. In the annual report Mr. A. G. Clark was able to announce that trading profits almost doubled-from £2.2 million to £4.3 million before tax.

In physical terms the expansion which is confidently expected to tinue during 1961,took several f including extensions to existing the purchase of new land for development,and, towards the year’s end, the acquisition of a major company in the audio equipment field.

The extended factory of Plessey Nucleonics at Northampton, officially opened in 1959, has doubled facilities for research and production in this rapidly growing field.

During the year Plessey Nucleonics received an order from the UKAEA for the supply of all nuclear instrumentation for the advanced gas-cooled reactor at Windscale.

At Titchfield, Hants., negotiations have reached a final stage for the taking over of a 66-acre site for the manufacture of components.

Initially the labour force employed will be about 700, but this is expected to build up to a figure of several thousands.

The acquisition of  Garrard Engineering and Manufacturing Co. extended Plessey interests to the tape and gramophone field.

It was recently announced that Garrard had won a million dollar order from the U.S.A.

Notable Plessey contracts during the year included a 5 million dollar order from the Canadian Government for VHF radio communications equipment- claimed to be by far the biggest single overseas order ever received by a British manufacturer for VHF equipment.

A new VHF mobile military radio transmitter-receiver was also shown in London during Decem- ber to military experts from 17 countries.

At home a contract worth over £700,000 was signed for the supply of aircraft generation systems for the Vickers VC 10.

Overseas, the turnover of Plessey International doubled over the year, and the rapid growth of the German subsidiary, Plessey Maschinen Elemente GmbH, has assisted the company’s successful penetration of the European market.

The chairman said in his recent annual report:”Prospects for the further development and extension of the company’s business are good and we look to the future in the sure knowledge that the company is excellently placed to exploit to the full the tremendous opportunities presented by the technological advances of the age.”

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