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A virtual office is a flexible workplace solution that combines physical workspace, remote services, and technology, to help companies operate more flexibly and cost-effectively. One of the benefits of Virtual Offices is the adaptability it offers for representatives and specialists to work from a home office, satellite office, and through a cell phone.

Alliance Virtual Offices

Alliance Virtual Offices provides premium virtual office, technology, and live receptionist services for organizations everywhere in the world. Its combination of services is designed to support remote teams, independent entrepreneurs, and large distributed firms.

This service offering enables organizations to operate more flexibly while conserving capital, and utilize workspace on-demand when and where they need it.

Their main goal is to offer the most comprehensive range of professional, cost-effective services, backed by a network of virtual office centers to serve a worldwide market of business owners.

Features of Alliance Virtual Offices

Features of Alliance Virtual Offices

  • Alliance provides a commercially recognized address with a street number in an actual place of business that can be utilized for advertising, to build a local presence, and for official purposes, for example, company authorizing and LLC development.
  • It provides a place to receive and pick up mail. The mail is collected and processed by on-site staff. You can pick up the mail in-person or have it forwarded to another location.
  • The center can be used for meetings by the hour, with onsite staff available to greet visitors, set up the room, and provide help or support as needed.
  • The Alliance Virtual Offices network has a wide variety of meeting rooms and private offices, which can be reserved by the hour. Or, clients can upgrade their virtual office plan to include a fixed number of hours per month.
  • Like any standard office, the virtual office center has office amenities such as printers and copiers, which are available to use for a small fee.
  • Alliance’s remote Live Receptionist service provides call answering and appointment scheduling on behalf of clients. Receptionists answer calls, filter spam, take messages, forward calls, and provide basic customer service.
  • The cloud telephone framework has numerous capacities, for example, call menus, customized greetings, unlimited numbers, and a dedicated business number with a local or toll-free area code.
  • Alliance’s virtual office services are flexible and on-demand, and services can be added or removed as needed. Infrastructure can be shared between people and businesses, which means that resources can be allocated more cost-effectively.

Alliance Virtual Offices: Personal Experience & Review

As a startup, I needed to get a virtual office to have an address and contact details to market my business locally. That’s when I came across Alliance Virtual Offices.

The signup process was fast and easy. If we look at the pricing, Alliance is pretty affordable compared with other companies offering similar services. The customer service team was very helpful and both the virtual office and live receptionist service has helped my business enormously. In particular, it’s beneficial to have an alternative address in order to help keep my home and business separate.

Overall my experience with Alliance Virtual Offices has been very positive, including the signup process, the pricing, customer services, and all the facilities I have used to date.

Alliance Virtual Offices: Services Pricing

Pricing for Alliance Virtual Offices

Depends on the location of your virtual office. For example-

  • Madison Avenue in New York, NY: $90 per month
  • Cunningham Road in Bangalore, IN: $140 per month
  • Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA: $99 per month

Pricing for Alliance Virtual Offices: Live Receptionist

  • Live Receptionist 50: 50 Live Answering Minutes: $95/per month
  • Live Receptionist 100: 100 Live Answering Minutes: $145/per month
  • Live Receptionist 200: 200 Live Answering Minutes: $225/per month

Pricing for Alliance Virtual Offices: Virtual Phone Number

  • Virtual Phone Number: $30/per month

Pricing for Alliance Virtual Offices: Coworking Spaces

Depends on the location of your coworking space. For example-

  • Dallas Pkwy in Dallas, TX: $250/per month
  • Downtown Orlando, FL: $99/per month
  • Eagle St. in Brisbane, AU: $500/per month

Pricing for Alliance Virtual Offices: Meeting Room Rental

  • Las Vegas, NV – From $25/hr
  • Chicago, IL – From $20/hr
  • Miami, FL – From $12/hr

Alliance Virtual Offices: Pros & Cons


  • Their live receptionist service represents excellent value for money.  It’s a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee, and also includes a business number and a virtual phone system.
  • I can use the commercial address and number to build a business credit score, as it separates the business from home and also helps to inform potential lenders that the business is well-established.
  • The cloud technology is powerful and enables calls to be taken from anywhere. It also includes a unique business number with a 411 listing.
  • A variety of meeting rooms and private offices are available to rent by the hour or by the day. All their meeting rooms have clear prices, including all necessary facilities and additional services.
  • Alliance provides a human concierge service combined with a fast, secure online booking facility. This makes it easy to book meeting rooms, or purchase any other service, quickly and easily.


  • You need to reserve meeting rooms or office space in advance, rather than turning up without a booking.
  • Digital mail scanning is a useful feature but it’s not available in all virtual office centers. If it’s important to you, I recommend calling Alliance to make sure your preferred center offers this service.
  • I had read about the online notary verification process and I was prepared for it (Alliance provides the online notary service for free during the purchase process). However, I imagine this may put some people off, especially those looking for a smaller commitment.
  • The minimum term for any new virtual office signup is 6 months. This is standard in the industry but some people may not be prepared for this commitment. After the initial 6 months, it switches to a more flexible month-by-month agreement.
  • You can receive unlimited letters at your virtual office through Alliance, but the maximum weight limit for each item is 10lb (4.5 kgs), and 18″ in dimension or 1 cubic foot in volume. Again this is standard but if you are expecting lots of packages or large letters, speak to Alliance to make sure your virtual office center can handle this volume of mail.

Overall, the Alliance Virtual Offices team is friendly and professional, with highly rated customer reviews and an easy setup registration process. It provides tools to help you save time and money. Alliance Virtual Offices can help your business gain credibility, operate more flexibly, and achieve growth.

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