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Talking about modern electronics, nowadays most devices operate with batteries, in particular AA batteries. Be it your kid’s toys, TV remote, game controller, or any kitchen or household appliance, all of them require the best AA alkaline battery to function efficiently.

There are many varieties of these batteries in the market. For example, some of them are rechargeable, high-performing, ultra-strong power, and more. If you are on the lookout for the best rechargeable AA batteries or even disposable alkaline batteries, we have just the right list for you.

Here are the 15 best AA batteries that you may find useful for operating your appliances at an affordable rate. Let’s take a look!


Panasonic AA Rechargeable Batteries

Panasonic AA Rechargeable Batteries

When it comes to finding the best rechargeable AA batteries, it all comes down to their lifespan. The number of recharges a battery can take and its longevity when being used determines whether it is worth the money or not. This is where Panasonic AA rechargeable batteries excel.

Panasonic’s Eneloop batteries consist of the 8 best AA alkaline batteries that have a high 2000 mAh capacity. Moreover, they can maintain up to 70% of their charge even after 10 years when not in use. So if you buy enough of these batteries, they can last you for many years. Panasonic batteries also come pre-charged using solar energy, so you can use them right out of the box for instant use. At just $8 these AA batteries are a must-buy.

EBL Rechargeable AA Batteries

EBL Rechargeable AA Batteries

If you are looking for a safe, high capacity, ultra-strong power battery for your devices then EBL is the best choice. EBL batteries are made in supercell lattice technology that makes the inner space more durable to carry high volume power. This helps in providing constant voltage and the best performance, especially in heavy load discharge.

Additionally, the cathode of all batteries is covered by a protective adhesive which prevents the degradation of the battery. Thus extending the life span to 1200 cycles of recharge. EBL batteries can hold 75% power even after 3 years. Moreover, it is eco-friendly, mercury-free, lead-free and the DBCK steel shell protects the battery against explosion due to overpressure.

Looking at all these qualities, EBL is one of the best AA alkaline batteries you can buy at $20.79.

Powerowl AA Rechargeable Batteries

Powerowl AA Rechargeable Batteries

Powerowl as the name suggests offers high capacity 2800mAh batteries with 1.2V power. This 12 pack of rechargeable AA batteries can keep around 70% power after non-use for at least 3 years. Furthermore, they can be recharged over 1200 times for multiple uses.

Made from Ni-MH environmental protection material, these batteries reduce heavy metal pollution. Use it in LCD TVs, electric toothbrushes, shavers, game control, remote control, flashlight, alarm clocks, or even 2-way radios.

Powerowl batteries also come as pre-charged from the factory where they are charged using power generated from wind energy. You can use it right away or charge them more for top performance. Currently the 12 pack Powerowl rechargeable AA batteries are available at $19.99.

VONIKO Double-A Rechargeable Batteries

VONIKO Double-A Rechargeable Batteries

If you are looking to buy some of the best AA rechargeable batteries that are leakproof and low cost (12 packs at $13.99), then you should go for VONIKO batteries. These batteries have a double-layer internal structure with a stainless steel cover that ensures zero leakage. The batteries have extra-ordinary power – they are rechargeable up to 1000 times and last for 10 years holding 80% of the charge after an entire year.

With VONIKO batteries you can enjoy up to four times the charge of a normal AA battery. Use it in digital cameras, radio, toys, flashlights, shaver, and many more devices. These batteries also come pre-charged so you can use them right out of the box.

VONIKO also employs strict environment-friendly construction of the batteries. The packaging is reusable for storing the batteries. The batteries are lead, mercury, and cadmium free which makes them safer and less toxic. Moreover, they are designed to operate at any temperature ranging from -4F to 140F. For best results store it at 68F.

Non- Rechargeable

Bevigor Lithium Batteries

Bevigor Lithium Batteries

Bevigor offers one of the best lithium batteries with 3000mAh and 1.5V power. The 24 pack Bevigor batteries are lightweight and have a standard life span of 10 years. They are perfect to use in any household appliances or electronic device, as they prevent accidental drops or short circuits of any kind. It is also the right battery for both high and low drain devices like LED flashlight, camera, Xbox controller, VR controllers, 4WDspeed RC car toys, solar lights, and more.

Moreover, the use of a spiral wound battery technology effectively prevents leakage or damage to the device. You can use it both outdoor and indoor at extreme temperatures ranging from -40F to 140F. The 24 pack of Bevigor batteries come with impressive packaging that can help to store the batteries safely for a long time. At $24.98, you also get 3 months warranty with supportive customer service.

Allmax AA Alkaline Batteries

Allmax AA Alkaline Batteries

Allmax is one of those brands that offers premium-grade, high-performance alkaline batteries. Built with energy circle technology, these batteries supply maximum power to any electronic device. Moreover, these batteries are built from the ground up to the seal in materials that prevent alkaline leakage.

In addition to this, they are ultra-long lasting. Each battery is individually tested to outperform standard alkaline batteries. The shelf life of the Allmax alkaline battery is around 10 years in proper storage. So, you can easily buy the 100 pack of Allmax AA batteries for long-term storage and emergency use. The pack of 100 batteries is available at $24.99.

ACDelco Double A Batteries

ACDelco Double A Batteries

ACDelco pack of 48 AA batteries is super alkaline with 1.5 volts of long-lasting power. These batteries deliver long-lasting, consistent and reliable power. These mercury and cadmium-free batteries are safe for your family and the environment. Moreover, they are excellent to use in everyday common household devices.

With an impressive shelf life of 10 years, these batteries are a must-buy. And the best part about them is that they are cheaper than most other brands – $12.80 for a pack of 48 batteries.

Energizer Lithium Batteries

Energizer Lithium Batteries

Energizer is a well-known brand that offers one of the best AA alkaline batteries. This 24 pack of ultimate AA batteries will last for longer than most branded batteries used in demanding devices. Moreover, it has been proven that Energizer batteries can hold power up to 20 years in storage. Thus providing you trustworthy backup energy.

Another advantage of this battery is that it can perform well in extreme temperatures ranging from  -40F to 140F, for year-round indoor and outdoor use. These batteries are also leakproof which keeps your device protected. From smart home devices, digital cameras, outdoor surveillance systems to handheld games, nothing can outlast Energizer batteries. You can grab the 24-pack for $41.96.

Duracell AA Alkaline Batteries

Duracell AA Alkaline Batteries

Duracell is one of the most popular brands that sell the best AA alkaline batteries. These batteries are super long-lasting and can be used in any electronic device for all purposes. Moreover, it has a 10 year guaranteed shelf life.

What makes Duracell one of the premium brands is its CopperTop battery that prevents any leakage. Besides this, every Duracell battery is engineered with Duralock power preserve technology that helps to lock in the power for longer usage. Made in the USA you can get your hands on the 24 pack of Duracell batteries at $16.99.

Rayovac Alkaline AA Batteries

Rayovac Alkaline

Rayovac offers a huge 72 pack of the best AA alkaline batteries that are mercury-free. These batteries are long-lasting for high-use devices or even everyday electronic products. They have been rated to last for 10 years so you don’t have to buy new AA batteries every time.

At a relatively low cost of $26.69, Rayovac batteries perform extremely well in most tests. Rayovac may not be on top of the line but it has outperformed some of the more recognized brands. Moreover, they provide Duracell Coppertop power at a reasonable price. So make sure to note that before making a decision.

ACDelco pack of 100 AA Batteries

ACDelco pack of 100

As compared to some of the premium brands, ACDelco batteries may seem a cheaper option. However, they deliver optimal power to common household devices like game controllers, clocks, remote controls, toys, digital cameras, and more. Moreover, they are constructed to last with an impressive 10-year shelf life.

These 1.5 volt AA alkaline batteries contain no cadmium and mercury. Thus making them safer and less toxic to your family and the environment. ACDelco offers monstrously huge 100 AA batteries at an affordable price of $24.98.

NANFU Premium AA Alkaline Batteries

NANFU Premium

For a whopping price of $22.99, NANFU offers a 48-pack of ultra-power and is best for all-purpose alkaline batteries. These are long-lasting and maintain power for up to 10 years when used at room temperature. You can use them in any household electronic devices such as clocks, remote control, game control, digital camera, toys, and more.

All the batteries are leakage proof which ensures maximum safety for your devices. However, these batteries are non-rechargeable. So keep that point in your mind while purchasing the batteries.

Amazon Basics AA Batteries

Amazon Basics

This 48-pack of Amazon Basics batteries offers a high power battery capacity along with a long shelf-life. It is the right pick for reliable performance across a range of devices like toys, game controllers, flashlights, clocks, digital cameras, and more.

You can store it for emergencies or use it right away. Shipped in minimal recyclable packaging, these batteries are very affordable. You can buy the 48-pack for just $14.99. The only drawback is that these batteries are non-rechargeable.


Alkaline batteries and rechargeable AA batteries are extremely efficient and reliable to use. They last longer and most of the batteries come with a leak-proof design that keeps your device protected for a long time. If you are looking for ultra-strong power AA batteries then the above list will be of great use to you.

From expensive household appliances to electronic devices, VR controllers, and gaming devices, the batteries listed above will not only be compatible but also provide maximum capacity for many years.

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