“Godzilla, alias Bob Widlar, is the well known king of the linear IC underworld. Teledyne, on the other hand, is known as the semiconductor and IC producer of monstrous proportions.”

“We compete in just about all areas of IC’s. When we started out to do battle in the linear market, we come against Godzilla’s forces: the 101,101A, 105, 107, 108, 108A formidable line.”

“You see, Teledyne, though big, is friendly. To oppose such a line would be contrary to our normal cordial, compatible, helpful nature. So the only thing to do is join Godzilla’s forces.”

”After all, Teledyne can do it in a very big way. Just to prove how friendly we really are, we’ll give you absolutely free one of the above (1 only) IC’s…plus a signed picture post card of Godzilla …if you send us a note on your company letterhead and tell us why you want one free.

“Note: Bob Widlar; inventor of the 709, 101, 105, and 108 does not work for Teledyne Semiconductor.”


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