It was ever thus. Back in the Cold War days, the rich were looking to the South Sea islands as a bolt-hole. For them the worry was nuclear devastation. 

What are the rich worried about now?

Usually it’s a collapse of the financial system where all those zillions of 0s in their accounts will be obliterated.

Now there’s the worry that climactic disaster will make their usual haunts uninhabitable.

Or a killer virus.

Then, of course, there’s the perennial worry that the rest of us will revolt against their over-acquisitiveness and snatch their ill-gotten gains.

For some, there’s the gnawing guilt that they don’t deserve all their loot and that some undefined trick of fate will take it off them.

For some its that protective urge for their wealth that makes them worry that, having amassed it all, they’ll be deprived of their enjoyment of it.

War, of course, remains a concern but not as much as it was in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

The Kiwis have apparently set up pre-fabricated funkholes in designated areas – like subterranean housing estates – where the billionaires can cower with their gold.

A well placed bunker-buster could effect a useful re-distribution of the world’s wealth.

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