Fujitsu Semiconductor FRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory)

Fujitsu Semiconductor FRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory) is a non-volatile memory featuring fast writing speed operation, high read/write endurance and low power consumption. These features make FRAM ideal for applications requiring continuous data logging, real-time recording of three-dimensional position information, and data protection from sudden power outages.

Fujitsu Semiconductor FRAM is offered in serial (SPI and I2C interfaces) and parallel (parallel interface) variants and in a wide range of compact, high-density package types. Memory size options are available from 4Kbit up to 8Mbit.


  • Non-volatile
    • Stored data is not lost at power off
    • No battery is needed for data retention
  • Low power consumption
    • No booster circuit is required for a write operation
    • 92% lower write power consumption than EEPROM
    • No data retention current required to retain data
  • High read/write cycle endurance
    • Guarantees 10 trillion (1013) read/write cycles
    • 10 million times of EEPROM’s endurance
  • Fast write speed
    • Can overwrite data without an erase operation

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