From the T90 to the EOS R3


@Barney – I guess it’s just nostalgia from me, having used everything from Nikon’s F4, D1 series to Canon’s 1D series daily back in the time, I still have somewhat fond* memories of reviewing photos on the small screen during a game break holding down the Play (?) button while rapidly scrolling with my thumb and pressing the Protect to tag selects for Photo Mechanic ingest on the old laptop 😉

*: I guess that’s rose-tinted glasses for you & still have that weird 1DII chimping grip deeply ingrained in my muscle memory, but the UI for that with the later cameras was so much better – the Set button was a god-send even just for checking focus 🙂

BTW, I deeply miss the legendary US Canon rep Chuck Westfall. Although I never met him personally, we corresponded on some UI issues with the 1D III, which eventually made it into a later firmware update (taking no credit here, many other photographers have complained about it to him). He was just great at helping working pros in the corp env…

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