Consumers embrace hyperconnectivity

The report, commissioned by Cadence, to determine consumer awareness and impressions of hyperconnectivity and hyperscale computing and their impact on people’s lives – Hyperconnectivity & You – A Roadmap for the Consumer Experience, does provide some valuable insights on the opportunities and challenges of deploying electronic devices in what is an increasingly hyperconnected world of consumer electronics, automotive and healthcare industries.

According to the report three key themes consistently emerged when speaking with consumers about hyperconnectivity in relation to these three industries: confidence, convenience and collaboration and the report suggests that manufacturers should try to focus on increasing consumer confidence through full transparency in how data is being used, supporting better collaboration between people and technologies, as well improving technology convenience.

The report revealed that 32% of consumers surveyed have a basic knowledge of hyperscale computing, compared to more than 70% for more established technologies, including virtual reality, 5G communications and artificial intelligence (AI).

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