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Dollar Stores are types of variety stores that sell items that cost one dollar or less. At least, that’s what they traditionally used to be, hence the name. But today, you can still find a lot of useful items in dollar stores that cost a dollar. This list is going to be about dollar stores specifically for folks visiting or looking to visit Calgary. We want to help you find the best dollar store in Calgary which is why we have founded some of the best examples that have a nice range of products and reasonable rates. So, let’s get started.

Here is the list of the 10 best dollar store in Calgary.

Dollar World

Dollar world

Dollar World is a store that you can find in Calgary. You can locate this dollar store easily. You can find Dollar World in the Soctia Centre. To be specific, you need to go to the second floor of this complex to get to the store. The Scotia Centre has another dollar store but they have different pros and cons. Since many have had a positive experience while purchasing from this store we decided to include this in our list.

A good thing about this Dollar World is that you can find a bunch of random products. You can get very cheap trinkets, keychains, etc. Electronic equipment like chords, storage devices, calculators etc. can be found here. This is also a good place to buy toys for kids. Well, if you have younger brothers or sisters or small nephews or nieces then you probably have to buy gifts for them more often.

You can reserve more expensive gifts for birthdays and special occasions and buy some quirky, fun and cheap toys for your regular visits.

This saves you a bunch of money while at the same time providing entertainment for your relatives and siblings. But there are toys and quirky stuff for all ages. Prank items, nerf guns, etc. can be found to buy at a cheap price. Well, you can check out both the stores since they are located side by side.

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a chain of dollar stores that can be found all over Canada and the United States. Earlier, the company was called Only $1.00. Though obvious and accurate the name Dollar Tree has a better ring to it. Like most dollar stores Dollar Tree specialises in selling items at a really cheap price.

You can get items for a dollar or less from this chain of stores. Due to the popularity and widespread presence of the store it has become quite successful and is currently one of the companies on the Fortune 500 list.

It has a whopping 15,118 branches. Each Dollar Tree store is stocked with a variety of products. These can be sourced from private companies, national brands or regional brands. This means that depending on the location of the store you can find unique items in the Dollar Tree store that is near you.

There is a popular Dollar Tree store present in Calgary as well. Many locals love to shop in it and get useful items at attractive rates.

Toys, candies, gift items, frozen food, pre-made baked goods, glassware etc. can be found in this dollar store. The staff of the store is well-behaved and is ready to help you if needed. So, if you have been looking for the best dollar store in Calgary then you can definitely give this consideration.



Dollarama is another good choice for the best dollar store in Calgary. This chain of dollar stores opened back in 1992. It is Canada’s own version of a dollar store chain.

Today, you can find a Dollarama in over 1000 locations. These dollar stores are present in all the provinces of Canada and are quite popular as many items that it sells can be quite useful but you get them at a cheaper rate.

Though it falls under the category of a dollar store it doesn’t really sell all items for a dollar. You can find items priced from anywhere between four dollars to a dollar or less.

Since every province of Canada has a Dollarama present in them it is quite evident that you can find a Dollarama in Calgary as well. The store in Calgary has been open for quite a few years and you can find a lot of items at a price that won’t make a big dent in your finances.

Despite being a dollar store, this particular store is organized quite well and there are many staff members so that concerned parties can take help. A bunch of stuff can be bought from this store. From electronic goods to toys, to arts and crafts materials, post-it notes, etc. The store is big and stocked so you can find the items you are looking for.

Dollar Smart

Dollar Smart

Dollar Smart is a company that has been operating as a family-owned business since its inception. It is a discount store that sells a lot of daily-use items that can be bought at quite a low price.

Dollar Smart is popular among many people who use it to buy items that they will be using for fun. For example, if you are looking for decoration items for birthday parties, Christmas parties, Thanksgiving, Halloween etc.

Then you have plenty of options to choose from the inventory of this store. But besides buying items for decoration and fun you can also find a bunch of useful items that can have multiple uses. You can buy a pack of batteries, garden equipment, electrical and electronic tools and equipment, mechanical tools etc.

People also buy clothing accessories like belts, clips, combs, make-up items etc. from this dollar store. Students can find art supplies, pencils, pens, notebooks and other stationery products at decent discounted rates.

Besides lower rates the company regularly holds attractive sales where you get additional discounts as well. The store is located in Northland Drive Northwest.

It is open all day from 11 in the morning to 7 in the evening. So, if you are looking for a good dollar store to buy some routine stuff at a lower price then you should definitely give this store a visit.

Great Canadian Dollar Store

Great Canadian Dollar Store

The next dollar store on the list is the Great Canadian Dollar Store. A lot of people looking for the best dollar store in Calgary often give this store some consideration. The Great Canadian Dollar Store is not located only in Calgary.

This is a chain of dollar stores that was founded in 1993 in Vancouver Island. The founders of this dollar store chain were Vivian Walker and Bud Walker. The headquarter of the franchise was first set up in British Columbia where they opened a branch of the store in Kamloops.

Currently, the franchise is headquartered in New Brunswick. This move happened after this dollar store franchise was bought by Kevin Kane and Jane Kane from Quispamsis.

The Great Canadian Dollar Store has many branches in different locations. It has around 126 stores located across the country. When the company started the products they sold were priced one dollar which was the theme of dollar stores in usual.

But as the stores have grown they have expanded to include more products from different companies and thus, many products can retail at the rate of $20 as well.

The Great Canadian Dollar Store in Calgary is decent. You can find a variety of items in this store that can be useful to you without having to pay a huge retail price. After the Kane’s bought the franchise they have been looking to focus on building more stores in small rural communities across the nation.


Oomomo - Dollar Store Calgary

Now, let’s look at a brand that is a bit different. Oomomo is a brand that sells Japanese lifestyle products. One of the countries that know how to create valuable consumer goods with good design and durability is Japan.

In this store, you can find a wide range of products that fall under the household essentials category. A lot of people use Oomomo to buy items that they can use daily. Though the store isn’t a dollar store in the traditional sense of the word you can find a lot of really good products at a very attractive price point.

Oomomo can be found all over the country. They have branches at different locations throughout Canada. The name of the brand symbolises blessing when translated to Japanese. Oomomo aims to advocate for urban living with better alternatives.

The company wants to achieve this by providing better alternatives to your lifestyle. This basically means that you can buy products that can easily integrate into your daily lifestyle and serve as alternatives to products that you already use while being affordable at the same time.

Oomomo ensures that all the products that it sells exude the same quality as any other authentic Japanese items. All the items have been tested in Japan.

You can buy beauty products, stationery items, kitchenware, household supplies, art and craft supplies, various Japanese products etc. So, if you want quality items without breaking your bank then give Oomomo a visit. You can find a branch at the Pacific Place Mall in Saint NE in Calgary.

Your Dollar Store With More

Your dollar store with more - Dollar Store Calgary

So, let’s end the list with another Canadian dollar store franchise viz. Your Dollar Store With More. This is one of the largest franchises of dollar stores in Canada.

The company started in 1998 and has expanded to more than 100 locations all over the country. If you are looking for a good dollar store in Calgary where you can drop by often to do your shopping then you can give this a try.

Since its inception, this company has been trying to improve the dollar store industry by providing better quality products to clients and making sure that the stores are clean, well-organized, have good merchandise and have a welcoming vibe.

The first store opened in Merrit in British Columbia while the second one started in Kelowna. Soon, the chain became successful and today you can find it at various locations. They have a nice stock of useful items that you can buy for a dollar or more.

Most of the items are pretty cheap and are durable enough. You can buy electronic goods, toys, art supplies, clips, combs and other items you expect to buy from any good-quality dollar store. So, why not visit it the next time you are in Calgary?

That was our list. We hope we have been able to provide you with good examples of quality dollar stores that you can find in Calgary. Dollar stores can be quite essential to have near your house.

You can browse and find several useful household essentials that you can use daily while saving a bunch of money since you can find items at a much cheaper rate here. So, next time you are visiting Calgary or you are planning on moving to the city this list can help you track down all the popular dollar stores in the city.

Kensington Dollar Plus Store

Well, let’s now look at the next store on the list which is Kensington Dollar Plus Store. This is a nice little dollar store that you can drop by if you need some general item but don’t want to pay a lot for it.

For a small store, you can find a lot of items which can be of daily use for many. Though not the cheapest on the list it can definitely get the job done if you are looking for discounted products.

The staff members that work in the store are friendly enough and will help you if you need any support from them. The store is located in St NW. You can find a surprising number of items in this store.

If you want some nice art decor to give your room a different look without having to pay a bunch of dollars on expensive paintings and art pieces then you can find a couple of good selections here. There are vases, artwork etc. which can jazz up your room and add a flavour to it.

Like we mentioned before, you will be surprised to find such a wide range of selections for such a small store. If you are just looking to spend a few bucks to buy a few items then it won’t hurt to visit this store and browse through its inventory.

Loonie Plus Store

If you have been visiting the North Hill Centre then you should have come across the next dollar store on our list. Yes, it may not be the best dollar store in Calgary but it can sure get the job done. It is a nice dollar store as in, you can find a lot of things that can come in handy. There are a bunch of different items that you can get for cheap. For example, if you need art supplies or craft supplies for school projects then you may not want to spend a lot of money to find the right items.

Most of the school or art supplies that you buy for a kid end up getting lost or destroyed. So, you can buy cheap items for such cases. A lot of people have used this store for that purpose. The layout of the store is circular and things are organised nicely so that you can find them easily. But we understand that in such a big store finding small items can be tough which is why there are a few staff members that work in the store. You can approach them to help you out.

The North Hill Centre is a big mall. But thankfully you don’t have to climb too many floors or walk a bunch to get to the store. You can find the Loonie Plus Store at the south entrance of the North Hill Centre. Thus, you don’t necessarily have to traverse the entire mall if all you need is a pack of triple-A batteries or a pack of pencils etc.

Dollar Store

If you want to buy stuff from a dollar store then you have to visit the Dollar Store. You will come upon this store at Dalhousie Drive. It is hard to miss because one of the plus points of this dollar store is that it is huge. But the size is not just for the show. You will find a huge range of different items that you can buy really cheap but use to extract a lot of value from it. The store is open from 9 am to 9 pm which is quite good.

That is basically the whole day because most people are active during that time. The big size comes with a lot of advantages. You can find almost everything here. You can find food items, toys, decorations, jewellery, make-up products, kitchen equipment etc. So, if your hobby is gardening and you want to buy tools at reasonable rates then this dollar store is good for you as well since you can find a bunch of different gardening equipment as well.

Since a lot of people like having a big store with a nice selection of items, this store is quite popular. Besides selling different kinds of items it also ensures that the rates of the products are reasonable and modest as expected from a Dollar World. Also, a benefit for car owners is that the store has a big parking lot so you will be able to easily travel to this.

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