Atlantic.NET Hosting Review: Customized Hosting Solutions

A known name in the web hosting world since 1994, Atlantic.Net has been in the game for over 25 years now. Atlantic.Net provides HIPAA-compliant hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, PCI compliant hosting, and VPS hosting, which can be used by a business as well as for personal use.

Atlantic.Net is a popular choice for hosting needs and vastly known global brands that rely on its brilliance to host their businesses. Apart from well-established brands, the cloud hosting service is used by 15,000 users in over 100 countries. To know more about their cloud hosting platform, dive right into this in-depth review!

System Reliability

Atlantic.Net’s cloud-hosting is known for its exceptional services, always-available support, and 100% Uptime SLA. Unlike many other providers, they built their cloud from the ground up; hence it offers more flexibility and scale. Their award-winning cloud platform is available in over seven global data center locations, which helps serve customers in their local regions to ensure lower latency and fast connections.

Apart from 100% hardware SLA, Atlantic.Net also provides 100% infrastructure SLA. So, you can always expect a 100% SLA, leaving aside any windows that are pre-scheduled for maintenance. The cloud server enhances performance along with the 100% Managed and   Dedicated web hosting uptime SLA.

Atlantic.Net HIPAA Compliant Hosting Features

Atlantic.Net’s HIPAA Cloud Hosting Platform includes an impressive feature set. The platform provides an array of plans, all of which come with flexible features. Below is a list of features:

  1. Managed Firewall
  2. Intrusion Prevention Service
  3. Business Associate Agreement
  4. Vulnerability Scanning
  5. Antimalware Protection
  6. File Integrity Monitoring
  7. Windows and Linux servers
  8. Encrypted Onsite and Offsite backup
  9. Multi-Factor Authentication
  10. Private Hosted Environment
  11. SSL Certificates
  12. SOC 2 and SOC 3 Certifications
  13. HIPAA and HITECH Audited
  14. Encrypted VPN and Encrypted Storage
  15. Highly Available and Redundant Network and Infrastructure

Atlantic.Net is offering a free trial so that customers can sign up online and try before they buy.

Dedicated Servers

Atlantic.Net’s Dedicated Hosting provides both Bare Metal and Dedicated Cloud Hosts, backed by the latest Intel processors. The servers are customized, so it allows for plenty of memory, storage, and 10 TB data transfers per month.

The dedicated servers can be ordered in Windows or Linux operating systems, and they offer a free one-month trial.

PCI-Compliant Hosting

Ecommerce websites and online retail stores work best with PCI-compliant websites. Atlantic.Net’s PCI Compliant Hosting comes with defenses in place to safeguard your storage apart from encrypting data transmission for secure data sharing.

Safe and Secure

Being PCI and HIPAA compliant, Atlantic.Net has to maintain a certain standard of security and defenses to safeguard its websites. All of its data centers have strong hardware and software guarding technologies to provide maximum protection.

Apart from being HIPAA compliant, and HITECH audited, Atlantic.Net is also SOC2 and SOC3 certified and offers business associate agreements.

Plans and Pricing

Atlantic.Net provides a range of flexible plans loaded with features of your choice and transparency to provide the best rates. You can find about 20 different hosting plans that work best with varied hosting needs. The important part of Atlantic.Net’s cloud hosting plans is that you only pay for the resources you use when you choose plans.

So if you choose specific hosting preferences, storage options, or opt for a certain amount of RAM, you pay only for the features you have chosen. You can upgrade the features you want at any time. There are custom plans to so if you need something a little different, Atlantic.Net still has you covered.

Customer Support

Atlantic.Net provides always-available expert support, which is accessible to all of its clients. Live support is available via phone, email, and ticketing systems.


  • All-time 100% SLA, which ensures reliability and no virtually no downtimes.
  • A professional support team helps solve your problems by good hosting segregation and can be reached on the phone, through email, and through a ticketing system.
  • You can always opt for a customized hosting solution, designed by highly qualified sales engineering staff.
  • HIPAA compliance and security level is unmatched.


  • Backup is charged separately, but it is only 20% of the cost of the server.
  • Their data centers are in the USA, the United Kingdom, and Canada, but no data center is available in Asia.


Atlantic.Net is unmatchable in the field where security, performance, credibility, protection, uptime, and reliability is concerned. It offers countless features and great customer service. Hence, Atlantic.Net is a must-try for all business owners looking for a great hosting platform.

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