ADC for electricity metering with resistive mains interface

It current channel is designed to interface with a shunt resistor and its voltage channel interfaces with potential divider, both connected to the power rails,

SPI and UART ports allow access to its internal registers.

‘mSure’ branding abounds.

“mSure converts two analogue input signals into a single bit stream output,” according to ADI. “The device is enabled with an mSure sensor monitoring feature that allows the user to check the overall accuracy of the sensor and signal path to identify accuracy drifts that occur over time on the current and voltage channels, independently. The mSure sensor monitoring feature enables antitampering and meter health capabilities when incorporated into a larger system. Self calibration with mSure enables the device to automatically calibrate the current and voltage channels to achieve a 1% energy accuracy.”

The larger system referred to has to include digital isolation, a digital metrology engine (ADE7979) and a cloud analytics service.

Even the internal temperature gets a high resolution ADC – 12-bit successive approximation in this case.

Operation if from 3.3V and across −40°C to +85°C. Packaging is 32-lead LFCSP.

Applications are foreseen in: shunt-based polyphase energy meters, solar inverters, process monitoring, smart power distribution units and polyphase ac chargers.

The ADE9322B product page is here. Sadly the data sheet is only a two-page affair at the moment.

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