A Frisson Of Techie Superiority

Actually not many do – 18 million did in Q2 which was up nearly 50% y-o-y but pretty piddling compared to the 328 million smartphones sold in the quarter.

Since, presumably, no one has just a smartwatch without also owning a smartphone, and since a smartphone does everything a smartwatch does, why does anyone buy a smartwatch?

Having said that, here’s one answer. In a restaurant the week before last, one of my fellow diners paid the bill by holding his smartwatch-adorned wrist next to the portable billing device.

We were all impressed. He was chuffed that we were impressed. We all sort of wished we had one too though, in my case anyway, not for long.

It’s practically the same thing to put your smartphone next to the billing machine as it is to put your smartwatch there, but grown-up people can actually feel a twinge of technological inferiority because they can’t do it, while the one guy who can gets a frisson of techie superiority.

This is damn silly.

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