21 October Bullet Journal Ideas and Templates

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Still contemplating what to do for your bullet journal October spread?

Here are 21 awesome examples of October bullet journal ideas to jumpstart your creativity and start working on your bujo.

Creating bullet journal spreads for October is really fun, as there are a lot of themes to choose from. Below, you’ll discover some of the most eye-catching layouts that you can use as inspiration.

October Themes for You to Try

There is no shortage of potential themes for this month. Some of our favorites include:

Ready for more? Read on for the October design ideas we’ve rounded up for you.

1. The Moon Weekly Spread

via ambersnotebooks on Instagram

Make your design pop by using floral- and celestial-inspired details. To achieve this effect, you can use metallic paints and white gel pens on black journal pages.

2. Spooky October

via raechelsstudies on Instagram

Do you love stickers? Here’s a sample that predominantly uses stickers to create an October bullet journal setup.

Go wild with stickers for this monthly spread. In the example above, the creator used a variety of spooky sticker designs to bring her October bujo setup to life.

[Check out our recommendations in this post for the best bullet journal and planner stickers for organizing your life.]

3. October Mood Board

via bujowithannie on Instagram

This example uses a tasteful spread featuring browns and soft pinks.

The creator used some pretty basic bullet journal supplies such as Kraft paper, cutouts from book pages, and printouts. Nevertheless, the effect is that of a subdued yet charming aesthetic.

4. My Favorite Color Is October

via barbarahaegerart on Instagram

If you love Halloween, autumn, the color orange, and a bit of spookiness, then this example will most likely be right up your alley. It consists of all the things that many people love about the month of October.

5. Get Witchy for the Season

via seasonjours on Instagram

The bubbling cauldron is a symbol that has long been associated with October.

This entire setup provides a “potions class” vibe that will spill over into the rest of the layout for the entire month. Enjoy!

6. Hocus Pocus

via planningwithkay on Instagram

While we’re still on the subject of Halloween, here’s another theme you can try. This example uses a sticker kit featuring symbols associated with the spooky holiday.

7. Hakuna Matata in October

via handmadebyjesslee on Instagram

If you need a design idea that deviates from the usual Halloween stuff, here’s a refreshing example. It features the main characters of Disney’s The Lion King in one of the trademark scenes from the movie.

To make this spread, the creator used watercolor pencils and brush pens.

8. Butterflies on Your Weekly Spread

via jennaxjournals on Instagram

Looking for a setup that exudes elegance and is not necessarily associated with Halloween?

This layout features hand-drawn butterflies gracing the pages of a weekly spread for October. It’s simple and elegant.

9. Inspired by Orange

via flourish.and.blobs on Instagram

Orange is often thought of as the color of autumn. This spread shows how you can use the color orange almost exclusively for a beautiful October theme.

10. October in Various Fonts

via Faber-Castell

Looking for a header style for your October spread? In this theme, you get different examples of how to write the word “October” for your bullet journal header.

11. Lavender Theme

via foodbugle on Instagram

The color purple is also one of the dominant themes of October. In this elegant setup, the cover page features hand-drawn sprays of lavender.

Meanwhile, for the header, the creator drew and embellished the name of the month on a torn piece of Kraft paper. Most of the art was created using brush pens and fine-tips.

12. Falling Leaves

via Bullet Journal Addict

Here is another example layout that features autumn as the theme.

Fine point pens were used for the outline of the leaves. For coloring, the creator used Mildliner highlighters and Crayola Super Tips.

13. Printable October Page Setup

via The Petite Planner

Printables and templates can be great time savers for bullet journals, especially if you have a busy schedule. We found these free printables that feature all manner of doodles associated with the month of October.

You can cut out each object, use the entire page, color them in, or do whatever seems like the most fun. No matter how you use them, they add a certain charm to your bullet journal. [You can check out more journal templates in this post.]

14. Cute Halloween Layout

via Productive Pixie

Here’s another Halloween-inspired theme. This time, it’s a cute setup featuring ghosts and witchy stuff.

The owner of this journal used black Sharpie pens, SuperTips, brush pens, and gel pens to create this charming spread.

15. Night Skies

via MayaTheBea on Reddit

Many people love to go camping in the fall. This spread uses stickers and Mildliners to evoke the mood of sitting around a campfire and looking up at a starlit sky.

16. Bird Skull Layout

via automaton_woman on Reddit

October is the month most closely associated with the concept of death. This setup honors that association by featuring a bird skull with poppy blossoms springing out from it.

This setup uses brush pens, fine-tip pens, and washi tape to create the somber vibe.

17. Black-and-White October Theme

via twentythu on Reddit

Here we have a black-and-white theme for those who are looking for something minimalistic and monochromatic. For this layout, the creator used a variety of black, fine-tip pens on a white-paged journal.

18. Columnar Spread

via Nag_89 on Reddit

If you want to try a columnar spread, check out this example. The orange washi tape provides a quick and colorful way to create borders on the page.

19. A Very Simple Setup

via Joelicious

If you don’t have the time to create a fully embellished October bujo spread, you might opt for something that is simple and quick to put together. This theme works very well.

20. Raven Setup

via Sheena Of The Journal

Spell casting is also a popular theme for October. This display features a raven, an incantation written in calligraphy, and an assortment of potions in uniquely shaped bottles. Everything was drawn by hand.

21. Ginkgo Leaves

via Serendipity And Bliss

This spread offers several designs for an October spread that doesn’t feature anything associated with Halloween.

You get black-and-white, hand-drawn ginkgo leaves and a calendar where the names of the days of the week and the dates are stamped on the page.

Final Thoughts

There you have it—21 of the most eye-catching October bullet journal ideas from which to draw inspiration for your own setup.

Have you found a favorite among the ones featured here today?

Looking for the perfect theme for your bujo can seem daunting, but there are many ways to find inspiration.

For example, the season itself can be a major theme. You can also look to your favorite places, objects, movies, etc. There will surely be something that resonates with you.

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21 October Bullet Journal Ideas and Templates

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