10 Best Online Lighting Stores In Canada You Must Try In 2021

If you are redecorating your home or you have just moved into a new one and want to add your vibes, you know that no home is complete without proper lighting. Unfortunately, finding cool lights for your home is often expensive and a lengthy process, due to the variety in the category. Many of you may even feel awkward about going to the same shop asking to see their collection, again and again, feeling like you are being an inconvenience to them. In this article, We have Mentioned Some of the Lighting Stores in Canada.

Well, what if we told you that you can shop for lights from the comfort of your own home? Online lighting stores are a boon to people who take their good time in taking a decision. These stores also offer attractive discounts that you won’t find at their actual centers. With reduced shipping charges, you can order a lamp from halfway around the world if you want to. Their prices are all displayed on the screen so you can compare many products and see what fits best into your budget.

To help you out, we have written this article about the best online lighting stores in Canada so that you can pick and choose your lighting options from the comfort of your home. You can find many high-quality pieces in all the stores listed below, which will not leave any room for you to be disappointed.

So without further ado, let’s get started with the top online lighting stores in Canada that can brighten up your day and your home!

Lights Canada

Lights Canada

Lights Canada is one of the best online lighting services in Canada and has been so since its establishment. Their online store offers everything from table lamps to chandeliers and even ceiling fans. They also carry novelty lighting that you must check out. They have all the popular brands in their inventory namely – Corbett, Elan, Frederick Ramond, Hinkley, Hudson Valley, Kichler, Mitzi, and many more.

Lights Canada offer free shipping on all orders above $79 and are proudly 100% operated in Canada. If you don’t like the stuff you ordered or there is some defect in the lights, you can easily return them within 30 days and you won’t face any loss of money.

They also offer price match services. So if you find the same product for a lower price on some other website, you can notify them about the same and they will match that price. Their affordable prices are sure to make your eyes shine just as bright as their lights.

You can try out a couple of their products before placing a huge order or deciding to do all the lighting of your home from their store. We are completely sure that you will be very pleased with what they have to offer.

Concept Lighting Group

Concept Lighting Group -Lighting Stores Canada

Concept Lighting group has been around for a long time now and has never failed to satisfy the demands of their clients. They have a membership option on their website which gives you access to some pretty hefty discounts that are sure to save you a lot of money.

Concept Lighting Group even have sales from time to time for all their customers, and if you keep an eye out for it you can get some products at an amazing price. They have everything from lamps to ceiling lights and even have outdoor lighting products. You can shop by the product category or even by the brand category if you tend to prefer a particular brand. They have popular brands such as – Elk, Corbett, Galaxy, House of Troy, Savoy House, and others as well.

You won’t be disappointed with their décor collection of lights, they are sure to add a great charm to your home. They have experts on staff which can tell you what kind of lights will go best with the theme of your home so that the lighting doesn’t feel out of place to the people. If you are somewhat of a confused person when it comes to interiors, their experts are sure to give you valuable suggestions which you will find to be very helpful.

Canada Lighting Experts

Lights Canada

Canada Lighting Experts are the number one choice for residential lighting and we are inclined to believe this claim of theirs. They have everything right from ceiling lights to outdoor lighting. They even have a collection of attractive fans that could help you get everything on track in your house. Their catalog is updated every week and they add new stuff to it.

They even have frequent sales and you might get something for a dirt-cheap price with this. You even get access to discount coupons on their website, so be on the lookout for those. Even, You can shop by the type of lights you want or the room you want lights for, which is a very helpful categorization to have for novices decorating their homes.

You get free shipping on all orders above $79 and if you find some defective item in the order you can return it easily and they won’t cause any problems for you. They have stocked brands like – Elk, Kichler, Maxim, Uttermost, Quoizel, and others. They also have a membership option where you get access to even more discounts so joining that is something that you might want to consider.



Litemode is one of the top online lighting stores in Canada as it has amassed much praise for its products and services. They have a price match guarantee, so if you find the same product on a different site for a lower price you are sure to get it for that price from this store as well.

The store is situated in Toronto, but you can shop from the comfort of your home at their website too. You can talk to their experts online via chat, phone, or email, which shows how remarkable their customer service is. They even offer free shipping on all orders above $99. The best news is that there are no brokerage fees and all the financial transactions will be done with Canadian money. 

They have been in this industry for the past 26 years and have a great reputation among their clients. Lightmode have a showroom in Ontario as well and you can visit any time you want to inspect the products for yourself. They have every type of light from ceiling to wall. You will be happy to see the variety they present that will surely tire you out as you won’t be able to decide immediately.

Home Lighting Canada

Home Lighting Canada

You can get all sorts of lighting products at this online lighting store. Home Lighting Canada is a store with a good reputation due to its customer service and affordable prices. It is one of the best online lighting stores in Canada and giving tough competition to the rest.

You can get outdoor and indoor lighting here and even ceiling fans. Their sales have wonderful products at dropped prices and are quite a steal. You can get all sorts of popular lighting brand products here – Allegri, Cal Lighting, Corbett, Craftmade, Cyan, George Kovacs, Golden, House of Troy, Elk, and such brands have many products in this store. They offer hassle-free returns so you don’t have to fear any loss of money when you purchase from them.

They even have a selection of home accents that are sure to catch your eye when you visit their website. Mirrors, clocks, vases, bookends, candleholders, and even Tiffany windows on this site. You are going to end up purchasing far more than what you had planned as their products are really amazing. The store is located in Ontario but with their website, you can shop from your home anywhere in Canada.


Lumens - Lighting Stores Canada

Lumens is one of the most famous online lighting stores in Canada. It is an insanely awesome store that caters to the lighting needs of your home. They offer free shipping on all orders above $75 and have many sales going on all the time. You can get a product from their sale for a good price.

They have more than 300 brands on their website for you to choose from. For first-time users there is a special discount code, so you can avail of that when you log into your account. It is a one-stop-shop as you get many more things for your home other than lights. They sell furniture and home décor things as well, which are very appealing to the eyes.

They have a special Ideas and Advice section where you can get some inspiration for your home from the pictures you see. Since you can get all home-related products on one site, you don’t have to go elsewhere to find the perfect match of furniture Stores in canada. You also get to track your order once you have placed it. If you have any issues, you can get in touch with their customer service center through a call or live chat.


Walmart - Lighting Stores Canada

Walmart is a name that we all know. It is known for offering the best deals in the country and being affordable is its greatest virtue. Since the site doesn’t just cater to lighting exclusively, you can find all home-related items such as furniture and décor in the same spot.

They are always ready to help out their clients and their attractive offer should keep you coming back for more. They also offer free returns in 30 days, so if you find a damaged product in your order, you can get back to them about it and they will refund the money you paid for it. Their collections are so good that you won’t be able to select just one item, you are sure to want to shop for more. 

You can visit their store or shop online, they have plenty of branches and a great website for your convenience. You can track your order once it has been placed, they will ensure that it is delivered at the earliest. Due to its affordability, Walmart can be called one of the best online lighting stores in Canada. You can get multiple items at a sale, you will end up saving more money than spending it. Their offers are sure to make you want more, and your home will look great by the end of your shopping spree.

Living Lighting

Living Lighting - Lighting Stores Canada

Living Lighting is one of the most popular online lighting stores in Canada. They have everything from ceiling fans and lights to simple table lamps. You can create an account on their site and start shopping at any time. They have great sales going on all the time, so keep an eye out for the items in your wishlist that might end up being on the sale.

Their stores are located in Canada and you can visit them if you want to physically inspect the products, but the online lighting store works pretty well too. You get access to more discounts on the online store, which you may not get at the actual store. 

Their accessories section is sure to make your eyes pop, they have a great variety in the home décor section. They will not only take care of your lighting needs but also the need to decorate your home aesthetically. They have a section of photos that can give you some inspiration on how you can decorate your house.


Wayfair-Lighting Stores Canada

Wayfair is a popular choice among many when it comes to online lighting stores in Canada. If you are redecorating your entire home, you are sure to find a lot of interesting pieces for it on this site. You can sign up and then get notified whenever a product goes on sale or if the site has any special offers.

You get free shipping on all orders above $49. The site has many brands in stock such as Minka, Feiss, Hinkley, and Hudson Valley. They have a lot of variety in their collection as well, so you won’t have to look elsewhere for something as they will provide you with plenty of options. 

The company has branches around the country, but their online store is a better choice because you get to have more offers and you also get to track your order. They guarantee the quality of their products and in case of any defect, you get a hassle-free refund. It is one of the best home and garden décor websites known to people.

Lamps Plus

Lamps Plus -Lighting Stores Canada

Lamps Plus is certainly one of our most aesthetic choices for online lighting stores in Canada. They have everything from chandeliers to fountains and other décor items. You can create an account on the site and get access to never-before-seen discounts that will save your pockets from becoming empty.

This is a site that concentrates on inspiring their clients, so they have their own Pinterest and Instagram page that shows them how they can style the products in their homes. They also offer free shipping on a lot of products, so you can take advantage of that offer.

Their luxury lighting section is something you have to see, as it is completely irresistible. They have all the famous brands in their store and you can get in touch with their helpful customer service if you want a particular brand to be added to the list. They are very accommodating and serve their clients really well.


These online lighting stores in Canada are the best of the lot, so you can count on them to deliver lights of top-notch quality and not disappoint you. If you want to, you can even check whether they have stores nearby to make sure that the quality is good in your physical presence. Online lighting stores are a great place to get some ideas about design and the overall look you want for your house, as lighting makes up a huge part of the interior design.

Proper lighting can make even a modest home look luxurious. The lighting stores that we have mentioned have rave reviews from their clients who have made it a point to recommend the stores to everyone who asks. Many clients have purchased all the lightings of their home from the same store once they were happy with their services. You can compare the costs of the lights you see, and also envision how they would look in your home.

Their many options should suffice the ones who always want to see the next item before arriving at a firm decision. We hope that this article has helped you narrow it down to a couple of stores where you can buy your next house lights to add a much-needed spark to your home and make it very charming for all to see.

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