10 Best House Painters In Plano, Tx You Must Hire Them In 2022

While thinking of home maintenance, house painting just slips out of the mind for most people. We tend to think that house painting is not necessary unless it is needed, which is just not true. Painting your house every few years keeps it looking fresh and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg if you find good house painters in Plano. There are still many things to consider while painting your home, and we are not talking about colors only.

You need to make sure that the quality of the paints being used is good, the painters have experience in the field and the company will not try to get more money out of you for a simple job. House painting requires precision, you don’t want to end up with hastily painted walls, where the same color looks different in certain areas, ending up with a patchy result.

Painting experts can also be offering other house maintenance services such as waterproofing, sheetrock repair, deck coatings, and specialty finishes. Whether you are painting the interiors or the exterior, you will enhance the appeal of your home with a fresh coat of paint. Painting is the most minor thing you can do for home maintenance that will still yield major results. It protects your house from abrasive elements in the environment as well.

Since it can be tough to find trustworthy painters who will make your home better at a reasonable cost, we have done the majority of the work for you. Below you will find a list of the best house painters in Plano, Texas, who are sure to help you out greatly.

Here is the list of the 10 best house Painters In Plano.

Paintmor Painters

Paintmor Painters

This is a family-owned business that has been in the area, serving the community for over 17 years. If you have an idea for a painting project, they can make it happen. They have experts on their staff who will help you throughout the way.

They have painting services for both residential and commercial spaces, providing great customer service and expertise in the field for all their clients. Paintmor Painters are consistent in delivering high-quality services, which has given them a high rate of incoming clients. They do not compromise on quality just to fit a certain price, they are focused on maintaining the standards of their company, as well as their clients’. They make their customers with the best work by providing you the best house painters in Plano.

Their website has a wonderful portfolio of the work they have done till now, which would make you very happy and enough reasons to give them a call immediately. They can give you a quote after checking the property and the list of things you want to be done there, ensuring that their services fill your budget as well.

Communicate about the finances openly so that you stay in the loop of everything that will be done. Their clients have never faced any disappointments while hiring them for work.

Spray Tex Painting

Spray Tex Painting - House Painters In Plano

A locally owned and operated business, the staff only certified professionals to work on your house and give you the best results. They have been in the business for more than 5 years, making them the new kid in the school, but they have quickly managed to make a strong impression on their clients.

They offer free estimates, so you have all the more reason to give them a call. You will have full transparency about the deal and they will be precise with the prices quoted. They know that it is important to be in the loop about everything when it comes to your house, so they give you regular updates about the work they are doing. They are one of the best Painters in Plano Even For Your house, Commercial building Etc.

Even after the work is done, their team will meet with you and look through the home for anything that needs some finishing touches, as they are perfectionists who leave nothing to chance. They also ask for your feedback and receive it well, taking the suggestions for improvement in stride. They have received a lot of appreciation from their clients and they keep improving and adapting their services to give good competition to other companies.

Pro Painting

Pro Painting - House Painters In Plano

This is a company that has been driving in customers since its inception almost two decades ago. The best part about this company is its drive to adapt and serve its clients. You can book a virtual consultation call with them, and get a fair quote before you proceed with any further deals.

They are experts in making detailed customized deals that will give you the exact idea about the cots, and not keep you in the dark about any additional charges. They do both exterior and interior painting, so you are getting a nice deal with this company.

You get a 3-year warranty to back up all of the services you have purchased, which is a good reason to go with this company for your painting requirements. They have the right crew for every job, whether it is painting the exteriors of your home or just your cabinets. They also give you regular updates about the status of the project, so that you don’t feel lost about what is going on in your own home.

Patch Plus Paint

Patch Plus Paint - House Painters In Plano

Patch Plus Paint is one of the best house painters services you can find in Plano, Texas. They have professionals in the field, highly trained craftsmen working for them who ensure that each customer is completely satisfied with the job done.

They aim to build a long-term relationship with all their clients and let their clients spread the word about their company by offering top-notch services. You can call or email them to book a free consultation before you jump in on any deal with them.

You can view the work they have done in the past on their website. They also have an amazing and informative blog for you to check out when you have the time. They realize that house painting cannot be done every year, and how important it is for the client to get it right the first time. One client said that they did a wonderful job patching and painting a hole in the ceiling, making it look like such a problem was never there in the first place.

Performance Painting

Performance Painting - House Painters In Plano

This is a company that has been quite a favorite of the people in the region when it comes to house painting. You can have both interior and exterior painting of your house done by them and give your surroundings an entirely new look.

They also do services like cabinet repair and painting and drywall repair. One client said that they had a wonderful experience with this company which prompted them to refer it to their friends and neighbors when they talked about painting their house. They completed the job in a short timeframe, which made an impression on their client.

They offer free estimates, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them by calling on the number given on their website. Performance Painting have reasonable prices and don’t compromise with quality to be affordable for all. They even have roofing services and gutter repairs and installation, so you can keep them bookmarked for those too.

Their website has a portfolio of their past clients which is nothing short of remarkable and can certainly make you want to give them a call immediately. They even help out with insurance claims and are with you every step of the way. They Can provide you the best House painters in Plano.

Hernandez Painting And Texture

Hernandez Painting And Texture - House Painters In Plano

This is another wonderful option that you can go with when you want to paint your home or office space. They do both interior and exterior painting along with drywall repair, cabinet painting, and murals. One client who hired them to do their office space said that they were highly pleased with the result as the work went smoothly and the finish was great. Another one who had their bathrooms done said that the guests complimented the walls a lot and the texture looked very nice.

They also quote affordable prices and don’t go way over the budget mentioned by their client. If you give them the paint colors you want, they will go out of their way to get you the same colors so that you can have the house of your dreams.

A client has said that when his house needed a fresh coat of paint, he immediately called here, because a friend had recommended their services, and ended up with a beautiful-looking house. It motivated him to ask the company to paint the cabinets as well, which was happily done by them. They even test out the color by swatching on a wall, before painting it completely.

Next Door Painting

Next Door Paining - House Painters In Plano

This is a locally owned and operated store that does customized designs and plans based on each client’s requirements and budget. The team is good at working on both residential and commercial properties, ensuring that they give great attention to detail no matter how big or small the job is.

They also do virtual consultations, so you can book a quick call with them through their website to get a quote for the services you want to buy. One client said that the customer service here is impeccable, as the staff is very patient with your requests and accommodates them smoothly.

They help you know the other damages you might have missed or more stuff that could use a little work from them. These helpful suggestions help you save money in the long run, as you can have all the work done at once, instead of in installments from various sellers.

Their timely and accurate communication methods helped the clients a lot in deciding the colors they wanted and other services they wanted to be included in the final package. You will be grateful to this company when they manage to change the look of your entire house within a few weeks.

Professional Drywall And Painting

Professional Drywall And Painting

If you want things done right around your house, this is the company to go for. They offer services such as house painting, drywall repair, cabinet painting, and many more. You can call the company with the number given on the website and book a consultation call.

They pride themselves on their commitment to delivering quality work, so you don’t need to worry about them doing a shabby job on your house. Even, they do small carpentry repairs around the house, so you can think of them as a one-stop-shop for sprucing up your home. They provide free estimates, so booking a call with them should be easy.

They work closely with insurance adjusters, contractors, and interior designers to give you the home of your dreams. Professional Drywall And Painting know that it can be tough for clients to coordinate with all the employees, so they make the job easy by having them all under one roof in their company.

If you explain your requirements to them, they will certainly take care of it and relay it to the team in charge. You can expect a wonderful house looking great when they are done with it. Many of their clients have praised their staff for being courteous and giving good advice about the work to be done.

Big Al’s Painting

Big Al's Painting

This is a great company that has received rave reviews from all its clients. They perform both interior and exterior paint jobs along with cabinet painting and drywall repair. They give an accurate initial estimate and ensure that the final price remains within the budget of the client. Big Al’s Painting give you free quotes so you can book a consultation call with them whenever you want. They specialize in handling projects of all sizes, giving great attention to all of them.

One client said that their estimates were fairly accurate and the price was reasonable which is what made them opt for their service. They were further pleased to see the work being done and the meticulousness of the staff till the job was completely done. You will be happy to note that they have managed to be a favorite of many in the community for many years now.

Jass Paintinga

This is a women-owned and operated business that has been making waves in the region for being so amazing with its work. They have been in business for about 7 years and have already shown their competitors that they are here to stay. They offer free consultations and quote reasonable prices to their clients, so you will find yourself going with this business immediately. Jass Paintinga are also flexible enough to match the prices being quoted by other companies, which is something very few businesses do.

One client has said that the company and their team worked hard to complete a full makeover of their home, met their expectations completely and there was full transparency about the deal.

The client was happy to deal with an understanding and patient owner who left no stone unturned in making them feel comfortable with their choices and worked well within their budget. The workers are meticulous and get the job done well, ensuring that their clients face no disappointments because of them. You will be blown away by their friendly and courteous customer service that makes communication easy with the company.


If you paint your walls, you are sure to get an increase in the value of the house, which is good if you are planning on selling it. This is why you will see most people repainting the house that is about to go on the market. You can also minimize the toxic paint fumes by opting for paint with low to zero VOC to get the best results. By using quality paint you will ensure that the air quality of your home is not compromised in any way. When you are painting your walls, you are protecting them from the dust and dirt build-up that could potentially harm the foundations of your home. A good paint job is not just for aesthetics, but also for the protection and longevity of your home. I think after reading this amazing article, Now you know everything about house painters in Plano.

Don’t wait for your paint to start peeling away, by suffering environmental or water damage before you start fixing it all up. If you do that, you could be paying more out of your pocket for fixing the damage caused to the wall as well. Experts will start by prepping the wall and applying a coat of primer, before proceeding with the paint job. When you are hiring someone, look at the reviews and their track record with the job you are about to give them, so that you know what to expect of them.

We hope that now you will select a house painter from the list above and spruce up your home. We are sure that they will do a fantastic job and you will be highly pleased with the acquired results. Don’t wait around here, go check them out now!

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