10 Best Furniture Stores In Edmonton You Must Try in 2021

Finding the best furniture for your home is something that is a goal for all of us. After all, special care needs to go into a home, because it is the place where we all tend to relax and be ourselves. It is also the place that portrays us and needs to be in a good condition when guests come over. Furniture plays a huge part in the overall look of a home and the aesthetic you want to give it. Having furniture that goes with your taste and also makes economic sense is a pretty important thing. In this article, we will read About Some of the Best Furniture Stores In Edmonton.

Furniture fashion is essential to complete the look of your home and it is the first thing that people will see when they come over. Having mismatched furniture that just doesn’t fit, won’t help you in any way, so it is better to get it right the first time than redo your home again and again. Well, we have made a list after thorough deliberation about the best furniture stores in Edmonton, so that you can design your home according to your taste without having to worry whether the store is good or not.

By making your job easy and giving you the list of the top furniture stores in Edmonton, we have saved you a lot of time. You can utilize this time to browse through their amazing catalogs and make the decision that can transform your home into the dream house you have always wanted.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Sites To buy Furniture in 2021.

Furniture Superstore

Furniture Superstore - Furniture Stores In Edmonton

Furniture Superstore is one of the top furniture stores in Edmonton. Their designs are attractive enough to make you want to buy an entirely new living room set from them. They have designs from all the popular brands as well, and more than enough catalogs for you to go over. If you want the latest and trendiest pieces decorating your home, this is the place to be for shopping.

You can look over the designs to your heart’s content and you will be pleased to notice the discounts and offers they have, especially around the holiday season. They give you a stipulated time of arrival so that you can start preparing some space for that piece of furniture. They even guarantee that the product would be delivered for sure within that given amount of time otherwise they will make the order completely free for you.

You can see that they have a lot of faith in their system, as it has never run wrong before. You will find some amazing dining room pieces for your home here, as well as kitchen and bedroom furniture that would make your eyes pop out of their sockets.

Konto Furniture

Konto Furniture - Furniture Stores In Edmonton

Konto Furniture was established in the year 1976 and has been one of the most reputed furniture stores in Edmonton ever since. They have a wide selection of pieces for both your home as well as your office. If you are someone who wants the latest styles at your place, this store will never disappoint you. Their quality has never dropped and the store continues to make new, innovative furniture without compromising on quality.

They have furniture available for your bedrooms and kitchen as well. Their modern collection of Valera coffee tables and Connor club chairs are sure to make your guests green with envy. If you want your home to look exceptional, this store can help you make it so. They have a wonderful selection that you will tire browsing through and more pieces coming in each day.

Konto Furniture has another branch in south Edmonton other than their main distribution center. They let you come over, or if you want to, you can book furniture on their online store as well. They also have excellent customer care service to answer all of your questions, so you can get in touch with them if you have any.

Ideal Home Furnishings

Ideal Home Furnishings

Just as their name suggests, this store is the ideal spot to purchase furnishings. They have consistently been one of the best furniture stores in Edmonton since their establishment, as their customers never seem to be disappointed with their work. Ideal Home Furnishings have been in this industry for over a decade now and are one of the leading stores providing furniture in Edmonton and its vicinity. They are especially known for their high-quality furnishings for the bedroom, living rooms, and dining rooms.

Their customer service is unparalleled as their representatives are always ready to lend an ear to resolve your issues. If you are someone who loves luxurious products, this store is sure to delight you a lot. The store has a special selection of lamps and paintings that can transform a wall and give it an expensive look and feel.

They also have a variety of table lamps, chandeliers, pendant lights, and floor lamps, so your lighting needs are also met in the same place as your furnishings. If you are a fan of Palliser furniture, you will be thrilled to know that this store has an exclusive space to showcase these products.

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Signature Lane Interiors

Signature Lane Interiors

This store is giving tough competition to the other furniture stores in Edmonton. They have talented designers on their staff who are willing to lend their expertise and help you improve the aesthetic of your home. Their design services are complimentary if you decide to get your home furnished from them – that should certainly give you a reason to give them a call. They also provide customized furniture for your homes and custom rugs that can improve the look of your house.

They also have a drapery center at their store, so you can get the drapes that go with everything else in your home in the same shop. This is the reason it is called a one-stop shop by many. Nest with style with their interior design services and you won’t be disappointed with the final look of your home. Their reviews are noteworthy for being highly positive, which shows that they have an excellent track record with their clients.



McElheran’s is one of the oldest furniture stores in Edmonton. They started their business in 1994 and started incorporating interior designing services in 1998. The most appealing part of this store is the prices, they are very reasonable and can be affordable to the average customer. That gives you the main reason to check out this store. They are a favorite among the masses due to their combination of quality and affordability.

They consider your requests and help you out in every way to design your ideal home. If you want the latest trends mixed in with your ideas, they will happily make the adjustments and deliver what you want. Check out their wonderful collection in their store where they also keep a good number of elegant rugs, toss pillows, and paintings that can be a vital part of your home décor.

They also have a great collection of home office furniture – so you can spruce up your work from home area to brighten your mood. They have several cool brands for you to choose from, and the quality is sure to leave you surprised. You can even utilize their interior design services to get suggestions on how you can style your home to match your vibe.

F2 Furnishings

F2 Furnishings - Furniture Stores In Edmonton

Established in the year 2004, F2 Furnishings is one of the leading furniture stores in Edmonton. You can find the latest home décor pieces here and the quality will make your eyes go wide. They have furnishings from the top brands in Canada and have pieces from many international brands too, so you need not be worried that you won’t find anything to your liking.

They are also a great choice if you are someone who prefers customized furniture, as they take care to collaborate with your taste smoothly leaving you satisfied with the result. F2 Furnishings also have a bunch of great artworks that will take the look of your plain wall to the next level.

They also have an interior consulting service, that gives you yet another reason to shop there, because who doesn’t need some advice? If you want to give your home a makeover, but don’t know where to start from or you just don’t have a great mind to know your home aesthetics, you can approach them comfortably. They are with you every step of the way until your problem is solved and your home gets the new vibe you wanted for it.

Cottswood Interiors

Cottswood Interiors - Furniture Stores In Edmonton

Cottswood Interiors was established over 27 years ago as a small boutique store. It has expanded into a large furniture store since then and turned into one of the top furniture stores in Edmonton. Their tagline is “everything a furniture store should be” which is taken seriously by each team member of that store.

They aim to provide for their customers properly and work to their level of satisfaction, leaving no room for disappointment. They have a wonderful team of design consultants that will certainly add a bit of life to your home with their ideas. Cottswood Interiors are flexible to collaborate with you as they know your vision is important too.

They deliver on time, so you won’t be left stranded once you place an order as they provide constant updates. Their customer service is truly remarkable and has earned them a good name in this field. Since their reputation is spotless, you can count on them to give their best to your home. They have art collections and lighting services as well, so you will be pretty pleased to notice the positive changes they will bring to your house.

Reside Furnishings

Reside Furnishings - Furniture Stores In Edmonton

This is one of the oldest stores on this list. It was established in the year 1978 and is a family-owned store passed through generations. They have a unique outlook towards furnishings so if you want to experiment with your home, these are your people. The store is one of the leading furniture stores in Edmonton, and they focus on retaining sustainable furniture pieces for homes. They also carry an attractive selection for the home office and bar, so you can have your work and fun furnishings in a single place.

They are equipped to handle your furniture requirements as they carry a wide selection and are always ready to make customizations. Reside Furnishings have a range of luxurious products that will make the overall look of your home to the next level. They have an amazing collection of rugs, silk plants, and lamps that will certainly be the spark of brightness you need in your room.

Their selection of sculptures and art will make you want to buy them immediately – yep, they are that good. You can go to their store, but recently they have made a great website as well. If you order through the website, you will see a good range of products and their free delivery is surely something you want to take advantage of.

Dwell Modern

Dwell Modern - Furniture Stores In Edmonton

This is certainly one of the best furniture stores in Edmonton. They have the most popular brands of furniture in their stores like – Artek, Calligaris, AYTM, and Asper. Their stores are open on all days, so you can take some time out of your day and visit them. They have an attractive selection of home and office furnishings but their best selection is certainly the kids’ furniture they have.

You can also talk with their interior design experts who are sure to give you golden advice on how to design the look of your home. They also have a great exhibit of artwork that can improve the look of your walls. Dwell Modern are very comfortable to work with as they accommodate all your needs. They also offer shipping services around the world, so even if you live someplace else entirely, they are willing to ship the products to you.

Their online store has a great variety of furniture for you to choose from, and you will certainly never be disappointed with the choices that they give you. They update their catalog continuously to include the latest and trendiest items in furniture and are never out of touch with the trends. Do pop into their store sometime for a supportive team that will assist you in the quest to brighten your home.

Innovative Woodworking Co.

Innovative Woodworking Co. is known for its wooden furniture that is customized to fit every individual’s home. The owner and craftsman there use wood that is carefully selected for its exotic feel and vivid colors. He picks each piece of wood individually after judging the overall character and feel of it. It is great for those who want a one-of-a-kind furniture piece that they can pass down to future generations.

It is one of the leading furniture stores in Edmonton, due to the uniqueness and creativity it brings to each piece.
Their mission is to take an artistic approach to every piece of work that they do.

You can select a piece from their catalog and they will design it specifically for you, or you can give them your ideas and they will do their best to deliver the same. Their custom cabinetry is sure to leave you very pleased with the services they provide. You should surely pop in for a visit sometime, we don’t think you will be able to resist the store after you look at the furniture there.


Do take your time and check out the best furniture stores in Edmonton that we have listed above. You will be pleasantly surprised that all of them have very helpful workers who will sort out your problems and help your design your home to the best level. They also ensure that the suggestions they make are all well within your budget, so you know that they will not give you any unnecessary tips on how your home should look. You can count on them to be aware of your monetary limitations, they will be mindful of that while making the suggestions.

Yeah, furniture is what decides the vibe of your home. But that doesn’t mean you have to empty your pockets to get your dream house, and these stores can take care of that. They are the budget-friendly option we all need so that we can save some money as well.

These stores have incredible options that will make it difficult for you to just choose one. They also have offers and discounts which you must take advantage of in time. They are very accommodating to all their customers’ needs and won’t leave a single thing to chance. You can also talk to them about the customizations you want and they will see to it that they make it. They have shipping services around the world, so don’t be afraid of liking something and not getting it, they will deliver it to your doorstep. We hope that you have a lot of fun shopping at these centers!

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