10 Best Desk Lamps To Use On Your Table In 2022

Desk lamps are an essential accessory for a wide range of people. Students, office goers, and others require desk lamps for their work purposes. Desk lamps allow you to work and perform at top levels. Having a good desk lamp is essential for maintaining good eyesight as less illumination can lead to eye problems. Many of the lamps are now fitted with new technologies which provide you with additional features than just providing light. You should always choose one of the best desk lamps available and not compromise on it.

In this article, we have tried to help you find the best desk lamp.

AXX Lamp

AXX Lamp - Desk Lamps

AXX makes one of the best desk lamps. This Lamp is well constructed with many features provided to the users. The lamp is white and has a minimalistic look to it. The lamp is made from one of the best materials available. The led lamp has a modern design. The LED beads are long-lasting and the company claims that the product can last up to 50,000 hours. The lamp can be adjusted based on the amount of light you need.

It has three different brightness levels you can choose from. You also have three different types of light- cold, neutral, and warm. The touch switch allows you to change the brightness levels. Long pressing that switch allows you to change the light. Being such a versatile product has led to it being called the best desk lamp. The product has a flexible neck. You can adjust this neck to change the direction of the light. It has a built-in rechargeable battery.

A full charge gives you around 2-4 hours of running time. You can use the device by plugging in the charger as well. The product is well constructed and has a non-slip mat at the bottom to prevent it from moving around on your desk. You can use the base of the lamp as a holder for your phone. There is an on/off switch you can toggle to switch on the device. The product is charged using a micro-USB cable. This lamp is an accessory that is ideal for home or office use. The small nature of the device makes it portable and easy to set up.

White Crown

White Crown

White Crown make lamps which protect your eyes. They claim their lamp to be the best desk lamp in the market. They have ensured that their lamp provides good lighting to their clients while protecting their eyes from any damage. It has a sleek lamp that is foldable. This helps you to save space and store the lamp easily when not in use. This folding design also helps to protect the lights from any damage while storing them.

The lamp provides you with 5 color modes and 10 levels of brightness. The hinge of the lamp is highly flexible and helps you to angle the lamp in various ways to meet your requirements. The lamp is charged through a USB and has a separate micro USB port well.

This port can be used to charge your mobile device. They have used 52 full-spectrum LEDs for the led light which makes them one of the best desk lamps. The lamp has an in-built timer. This allows you to configure 30 minutes or 60 minutes auto shutdown. They have touch switches. The memory function of this lamp remembers the settings you use. When switching on the lamp it reverts to that particular setting and you do not have to configure it. You can purchase it for $27.99 on Amazon.


Zuneyan - Desk Lamps

Zuneyan has the best desk lamp which has exciting additional features. They have developed a modern desk lamp which has become the favorite desk lamp for many people. The desk lamp has a powerful LED light that is highly adjustable. You can choose from 5 colors and 7 brightness settings. The lamp has a sleek look with a flat stand and lights. The arm of the lamp which is attached to the base can be rotated 360 degrees.

The hinges of the arm and the stand are flexible as well. This ensures that you can direct the light at any point you want. They have used 72 LED lamp beads in their light and claim that the light can run for more than 50,000 hours. The lamp has to be charged with a 12V power adapter. The unique feature of this lamp is the additional mobile charging facilities it offers. You can charge 2 devices using the lamp.

The base of the lamp has a wireless charger. This helps you to charge any wireless mobile phone using the lamp. If you have a device that is not compatible with wireless charging you can use the USB cable to charge your device. Providing such features at a competitive price makes them one of the best desk lamps. You can purchase this lamp on Amazon for $29.98.

Dott Arts

Dott Arts

Dott Arts has manufactured the best desk lamp which is very highly rated on Amazon.  They have gathered a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars with over 3,500 customers rating them. This desk lamp offers you full touch control. You get the option of choosing from 3 color modes and 3 levels of brightness. This is a foldable lamp which makes it easy to transport. The lamp is sturdy and durable. This prevents it from any damages from accidental falls.

They have tried to create one of the best desk lamps without complicating the product. Instead of providing many features which do not work properly they have focused on the basics of a lamp and have excelled in making it. You get a USB cable and adapter for charging the product.

This helps you to charge it through your laptop or a socket. The USB cable is almost 5 feet in length. This helps you to plug the lamp without being constrained by a short USB cable.  The lamp has a 1-year warranty. The company has used great quality LED lights which have a long life span. According to the company, you will not have to replace the light for 25 years due to the high-quality materials used in it.



Mubarek has been able to make one of the best desk lamps with a gooseneck. This particular style of desk lamp helps you get maximum flexibility from the product. You can angle the product to get the best lighting. Having a gooseneck lamp increases the usability of the product making it the best desk lamp in the portable segment. The base of the lamp is modified to act as a pen holder. You can fit several stationery items over there.

There is a USB port that can be used to charge your mobile device. The front portion of the base is used as a mobile holder. You can place your mobile device over here without the risk of it falling and breaking. They have multiple color modes and brightness settings. They do not have specific brightness levels. You can press and hold the switch to choose the brightness that suits you the most. This is a great feature as it helps individuals choose the exact brightness they require without having to reply on predetermined brightness levels.

They have used good lithium batteries which gives the product a long life. They have circuit protection installed as well. This keeps all of your other appliances safe when the lamp is plugged into the socket. The lamp retails for4 $34.99 but can be bought on Amazon for $29.99.


Fugetek - Desk Lamps

Fugetek is a reliable company when it comes to manufacturing some of the best desk lamps. They have made one of the simplest desk lamps which serve the purpose of providing good lighting. The lamp is very simple to use. There is a single button that can be used to switch on the lamp. The light can be placed at multiple angles to get the lighting on the desired areas. The arm of the desk lamp is sturdy. You will not find it moving when you have fixed it at a particular spot.

Using the button you can change the brightness of the lamp. They have tried to make a simple product that will serve the basic requirement of a desk lamp. Many do not consider this to be the best desk lamp as it does have certain limitations. Unlike many of the other competitors in this segment, the company does not provide multiple color modes, and you are limited to the single-color mode.

Another disadvantage is the nature of the battery. It is not portable as it requires to be plugged into the socket to work. The manufacturer provides an 18-month warranty on the product. You can purchase the lamp for $17.99 on Amazon. This lamp is only suitable for those who want a basic lamp with no additional features.


Baseus - Desk Lamps

Baseus is known for its premium build quality. They use nothing but the top materials when it comes to constructing some of the best desk lamps available in the market. Their desk lamp has an illumination of 250 lumens which is sufficient for adequately lighting up a space. The lamp has automatic brightness adjustment. There are sensors on the lamp which detect the ambient light in the room. When it figures out the lighting requirements, it adjusts the brightness accordingly.

This helps you to save electricity while getting the optimum light in all conditions. The lamp is available in 2 color variants- Grey and White. The lamp is rechargeable and uses a USB type c cable. As it uses a type c cable it provides better-charging speeds. The product can run on battery power for 13 hours and gets fully charged in just 3 hours. They use LED which has eye care technology. This will prevent any strain on your eyes. You can get the lamp on Amazon for $39.99 which is less than its retail price.


Otus - Desk Lamps

Otus make architectural desk lamps. They differ from the rest as they tend to go for more traditional designs. The company aims to make lights that have the latest features but in a traditional design. Having such a traditional design gives it an artistic look as well. This product is considered by many as the best desk lamp with a traditional design. They call it the architectural desk lamp. The product has superior build quality. They use top-quality metal rods to make the arms and have encased in an acrylic cover.

They do not have specific brightness levels instead have a step-less dimmer. You can choose the exact amount of light you want from the lamp. The lamp is fitted with gesture control. You can switch the lamp on and off with gestures and do not need a physical or touch switch to use it. This is done using the infrared motion sensor fitted on the lamp. The lamp is corded and requires a power supply to run. The lamp costs $103 on Amazon.


Oxylops - Desk Lamps

Oxylops have made one of the best desk lamps which are sturdy and portable. The lamp has 5 color modes which can be run in 6 different brightness settings. The memory of the lamp is capable of remembering the settings that you last applied to the lamp. This is a useful feature as you do not have to keep changing the setting every time you switch on the lamp.

The lamp is made primarily from metal which gives it a sturdy structure. There is a USB cable that allows you to charge your phone. They are eye care settings on the lamp which protect your eyes when this lamp is used. You can use their timer to decide an auto turn off for the lamp after some time has passed. They claim that the light will last you for 25 years. The product can be purchased for $20.99 on Amazon which is less than its retail price of $36.99


TORCHSTAR - Desk Lamps

Torchstar has one of the best lamps when it comes to Pixar designs. They have taken a traditional design and made it modern in terms of the technology they have used. The lamp has 2 different bases. One is the standard base while the second one is a clamp. Using this clamp you can fix the lamp to the edge of your table.

This helps you to free up space on the table while allowing you to get the desired lighting. The lamp works with standard bulbs but can run E26 and E27 bulbs as well. The lamp is available in 3 colors- Black, White, and Red. the lamp has a 12-month warranty provided by the manufacturer. The product is highly rated on Amazon with 4.3 out of 5. The lamp can be purchased for $19.99 on Amazon.


Afrog - Desk Lamps

Afrog has the best desk lamp which has many additional features. These additional features have made them one of the top options. The lamp is made from aluminum which is a premium material. This ensures a long life for your lap as it has a good build quality. The lamp features 5 light modes. This helps you to choose the perfect light according to your needs. They provide 5 brightness levels as well.

The modes and the brightness can be configured using their touch button. The lamp has charging facilities for your mobile device as well. They have provided a USB charging option and a wireless charger as well. This helps you to maximize the charging from this lamp. The lamp is also equipped with an auto timer to prevent wastage of electricity. The product is available in two color choices- black and white. The lamp can be purchased on Amazon for $30.99.


Enoch - Desk Lamps

Enoch makes lamps which have great quality. Their lamp is has a clamp base. This allows you to attach the lamp to the edge of your table. By using top-quality materials they have assured their customers that the lamp is durable. They provide an adapter as well which helps you to power the lamp. The lamp has a separate control panel for all of the modes and brightness settings. They have provided 64 led lamp beads which provide sufficient lighting for all conditions. You can purchase it for $24.99.


You have to choose the lamp which is ideal for you. There are many options available in the article above. You should take the additional benefits they provide into consideration along with their overall performance. The lamps vary in their mode of operation and power input methods. The article shows the best lamps in the industry and helps you make an informed decision. You have to highlight your priorities and find lamps that fulfill them.

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