10 Best Computer Science Universities In Canada In 2021

Computer science is a career option that has seen expanding market revenue over the past few years. As per an article distributed by Global News in 2017, among the most lucrative jobs of the future in Canada are data security experts and software developers. Both these jobs demand an undergrad or a higher level of education in computer science. Here are Some Computer Science Universities In Canada.

Computer science is one of the fastest evolving and top-ranking fields of study in the world. This field has piqued the interest of many young, talented, and curious students around the world. If you are looking to pursue a career in the field of computer science, then it is crucial that you choose a college where you can learn every aspect – theoretical as well as practical, of this field.

We have curated a list of the 10 best computer science universities in Canada to help you out with your decision-making process!



McMaster University, established in 1887, is one of the best computer science universities in Canada. This Canadian college’s campus is in a rural neighborhood of Hamilton, Ontario, close to the western edge of Lake Ontario and not a long way from the U.S. border. Other campuses are situated in downtown Hamilton, Burlington, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Niagara. The college’s worldwide students hail from over 75 nations, and its full-time faculty comes from more than 55 nations. Educational costs are higher for non-Canadian students. University accommodation is accessible for all students. They provide various options such as all-women accommodations, students who are more into sports can choose a particular accommodation, and international students’ only accommodations.

McMaster University’s software engineering program is controlled by its Faculty of Engineering, which implies that students will be not only be presented with programming but they will also be exposed to the nitty-gritty like the development of database and systems. Hamilton, Ontario’s McMaster University offers an assortment of specializations, including mechatronics, computer programming, and even eHealth. The best part is that McMaster flaunts an incredible placement rate of nearly 100%!

McMaster University has more than 60 functioning research facilities, some of them include – research in finance, Institute on Ethics and Policies for Innovation, Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health, and McMaster Nuclear Reactor.



The University of Calgary is situated in one of Canada’s quickly developing migrant communities. According to 2016’s census, it was discovered that Alberta had a leap in the level of new immigrants living in the region from 6.9 in 2001 to 17.1 percent in 2016. In fact, nearly 30% of Calgary inhabitants are migrants, as per the 2016 evaluation figures. The global student body at the University of Calgary makes up 19% of the entire students. 

The college has a Department of Computer Science that offers various courses for students, including the opportunity to integrate courses depending on the student’s likes and inclination.

The college is situated amid the quickest developing energy hub in the country and offers its students eight areas of specializations, for example, Advanced Introduction to Computer Science, Discrete Mathematics, Linear Methods, Logic, and ​Introduction to Computer Science for Computer Science Majors. It is important to mention here that the University of Calgary was amongst the first ones to dispatch a software engineering course that focused on Computer Games Design.

Critical thinking is at the core of software engineering, and students selected at the University of Calgary will be attempting to construct PCs that think like individuals and reinvent the future of artificial intelligence.

Students with an enthusiasm for research in the field of computer science can exploit the college’s state-of-the-art research facilities where they will have the chance to acquire direct insight as a volunteer or by officially registering for a research course. The University of Calgary should be your choice if you are looking for computer science universities in Canada that will guarantee application-based learning!

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Next on our list of the best computer science universities in Canada is Simon Fraser University. SFU has a diverse and multiracial student body, with international students making up 19% of the absolute student population. The school offers programs with almost 200 placement options, both national and global. SFU alumni are considered to be equipped with the essential experience, abilities, and mentalities that are necessary for a professional environment. In 2018, SFU was declared Canada’s top comprehensive university in Maclean’s listing.

SFU’s School of Computer Science falls under three departments: Faculty of Applied Sciences, School of Engineering Science, and the School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering. 98% of students who are enrolled in these programs are happy with their experience, and SFU faculty is satisfied as well.

According to a LinkedIn survey, SFU alumni of post-graduate computer science courses are amongst the third-highest paid in the field of software development. SFU also boasts of extensive research centers.

SFU’s software engineering program additionally has a remarkable integration with China’s Zhejiang University. College students can procure two degrees and learn Mandarin simultaneously!

#7 University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa, right now the world’s biggest English-French bilingual college, offers approximately 500 fields of specializations as majors and minors at the undergrad level. U of O has recently seen an ever-increasing enrolment by international students, with almost a 31 percent growth in enrolments from abroad at the undergrad level over the recent years. U of O is one of the few computer science universities in Canada that also offers second language training courses. Students can take advantage of these courses and hone their French skills. 

A software engineering certificate at U of O is offered as a feature of the Faculty of Engineering. For students keen on an active learning measure, the program incorporates both theory and application-based knowledge on programming frameworks, PC engineering, algorithm design, and different basics of software engineering. The Faculty of Engineering also supports research-based projects with funding. At the alumni level, U of O integrates with different universities in the Ottawa district, like Carleton University, to permit students a more extensive assortment of research facilities and means in two of the city’s famous post-graduate schooling destinations.


University of Montreal - Computer Science Universities In Canada

The University of Montreal is one of the top computer science universities in Canada and follows its foundations back to 1878. Originally, it was a part of Université Laval de Québec. It became an independent entity in 1919. U of M is affiliated with two different schools: Polytechnique Montréal, a designing school, and HEC Montréal, a business college. The college and its subsidiary schools are situated in Montreal, Quebec – perhaps the most crowded metropolitan region in Canada. Around one-fourth of the student body across each of the three organizations learns at the graduate level. The college offers accommodation for full-time undergrad and graduate students.

Imagine a scenario where technology could foresee that, because of environmental change, your home faces a genuine danger of flooding in the year 2040. A group of scientists at the University of Montréal is utilizing artificial intelligence to achieve exactly that! The University of Montréal guarantees that students have the technical knowledge, critical thinking, mathematical, and cross-discipline abilities important to change the world. U of M graduates proceed to work in an assortment of fields, including portable and remote communication; animation industry, TV, and advertising; and mechanical technology and automated frameworks—just to give some examples!


University of Alberta - Computer Science Universities In Canada

Established in 1908, the University of Alberta is one of the top computer science universities in Canada. Situated in the region of Alberta in Western Canada, around 80% of the college’s students study at the undergrad level. The college comprises of five campuses, four of which are in the city of Edmonton, including the main North Campus, which covers around 50 city blocks. The college’s fifth site, the Augustana Campus, is situated approximately an hour from Edmonton in the provincial city of Camrose. Around 1000 students study at the much smaller Augustana Campus, which centers on liberal arts and sciences.

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Alberta is one of the biggest of its sort in Canada. It’s also the most seasoned, having been established over 10 years before the first ever personal computer launched. Today, the university offers courses and research opportunities in fields like artificial intelligence, PC games, advanced mechanics, and PC designs. The University of Alberta has even fostered probably the quickest personal computer on the planet! It would be interesting knowing that the U.S. Department of Energy utilizes supercomputers that incorporate innovation created by a group of University of Alberta computer scientists!


McGill University - Computer Science Universities In Canada

McGill University is situated in Montreal, also known as the world’s No. 1 student city! McGill has become a center point for research and learning, drawing in young talent from various nations, including the U.S., China, France, India, and Saudi Arabia. 

A Computer Science course at McGill incorporates both theory and application, with considerably smaller classrooms that empower students to have a more intimate interaction with their professors. Students that enroll for the School of Computer Science are presented with 10 program choices and three potential degrees to choose from, with admittance to an internship that permits them to place all acquired abilities at use in an expert setting, and if the student is exceptionally talented, they may even be a offered a full work term as an undergraduate!

McGill’s School of Computer Science positions second in Canada for research subsidizing and has 34 employees, 60 Ph.D. students, and more than 100 graduate degree students.


UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO - Computer Science Universities In Canada

Not only has the University of Waterloo grabbed third place in our list of the best computer science universities in Canada, but it has also been positioned third on this year’s Maclean’s rundown of the best 15 comprehensive schools in Canada. For students keen on a profession-centric program that is guided by industry experts, Waterloo is probably the most legitimate decision as it offers it’s a strong community program with 6,900 participating employers. Additionally, students get the opportunity to acquire two years of paid work experience upon graduation.

The University of Waterloo has seen a significant jump in the number of international students applying for computer science programs. Waterloo graduates and educators are known to be imaginative, having made more than 300 side project organizations, for example, OpenText, Canada’s biggest software organization. It is no surprise Waterloo draws in almost 6,000 students worldwide from over 120 nations every year.

With more than 70 courses to browse and personnel of over 80 industry specialists, the University of Waterloo’s software engineering department lays out the groundwork for students. The college is situated in the core of Canada’s flourishing tech area, so students can easily approach many local organizations needing computer engineers to gain hands-on experience.


University of Toronto -Computer Science Universities In Canada

It is no wonder the University of Toronto ranks second in the list of top computer science universities in Canada. This also implies the college positions among the best 25 colleges worldwide to offer top-notch computer science programs. It even beat down Kings College in London and the University of Tokyo in Japan!

U of T’s Computer Science program has a long-standing history of more than 50 years of teaching, with more than 11 fields of research to work with for students at the undergrad, graduate, and doctorate levels. Graduates from U of T’s Computer Science program don’t just foster solid research-based abilities, they also have the opportunity to land paid internships while honing their technical skills.

U of T provides a Professional Experience Year, which gives students the chance to acquire important expert abilities in one of Canada’s biggest internship programs with a stipend. Statistically, U of T insights show an increment of international student enrolment at all levels with higher. It has been predicted that this increment will only go higher with foreign students expected to make up almost 20% of the general student body by 2022.


University of British Columbia - Computer Science Universities In Canada

And finally, the University of Columbia tops our list for the best computer science universities in Canada!

UBC is one of the most populated colleges in Canada, with two main campuses, situated in Vancouver and Okanagan, it hosts nearly 60,000 students. The most splendid talent from all over the world is drawn to UBC. More than 13,000 global students are present on the Vancouver campus and this number makes up only 23% of the total student population!

UBC’s computer science department was founded in 1968. It has grown tremendously over the years and now offers students a tradition of research-driven interdisciplinary guidance. There are more than six majors programs, two honors programs, and a large variety of other minor and double major degree programs. Truth be told, it doesn’t get any better than the University of British Columbia if you are looking to pursue computer science!


Now that you are aware of the best computer science colleges in Canada, it’s time to start working hard on your college applications. These universities are highly prestigious and you will have to make sure that your application stands out from the hundreds of thousands of applications received by them every year. An impressive college application, grades, and resume is what will get you accepted by the school of your dreams!

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