10 Best Chinese Grocery Stores In Toronto in 2021

If you’re someone who lives in Toronto but is inclined and interested in buying Chinese groceries, then this article is the perfect place for you to be. Today we’re going to tell you about 10 Chinese grocery stores in Toronto. Since Chinese groceries have exclusive Asian spices, some cool stationery, and even school supplies, they are the perfect place to visit if you are trying to bring the Chinese aesthetic into your home. The ones that we’re going to tell you about are in GTA and hence are loved by their regular customers.

So without further ado, let’s begin:-

T&T supermarket

T&T supermarket - Chinese grocery stores in Toronto

T&T is the biggest Chinese/Asian grocery item retailer in Canada. With a lot of franchises opened up and a bunch of Asian and non-Asian Canadians as customers, T&T is thriving. T&T supermarket brings to you exclusive Asian spices, Chinese grocery items, a bakery, hot food, cold-stored items, and everything else you can ask for.

They also have Japanese and Korean skincare products that are rare to find in Canada, and hence have a lot of customers coming into their stores. This is the perfect place for an Asian Canadian to get the homely feel and also get some good groceries.

The owner recently expanded their business and has been targeting non-Asian Canadians as well. Being one of the biggest supermarket chains in Canada, T&T is reliable, has high-quality products, and is the go-to place if you’re looking for some great grocery items. It is one of the most popular Chinese grocery stores in Toronto.

Galleria supermarket

Galleria supermarket - Chinese grocery stores in Toronto

Galleria supermarket is the best place to get your hands on some exclusive Korean grocery items. They have four more outlets in the area and hence are loved by their regular customers. Their usual product lineups include rice cakes, kimchi, milk tea, and much more.

These delicacies are enough to make people line up on a good day. Galleria supermarket also stocks up on Korean utensils and dry grocery items like snacks, cookies, and much more. They also have exclusive Korean spices which makes them the perfect store walk into if you’re planning on having an amazing K-BBQ night.

Also, if you just want to enjoy some BTS with your friends and give it a pure Korean feel by rotating Korean snacks around. Galleria supermarket is an incredible place to get Korean goods from. If you have never checked this place out, or even heard of it, then it’s high time you do so. Even if you don’t know what Korean grocery is, once you try products from their stores, you will fall in love with the K-groceries.

H Mart

H Mart - Chinese grocery stores in Toronto

H mart is a really popular place amongst students. Being right across Ryerson, it is a great place to hang out with friends, buy some Asian grocery items and get some really good takeout meals. This store is a one-stop destination for all your Chinese grocery and food needs. If you visit this store on a cold winter day, then the best way to warm yourself up would be their skewered chewy fish cakes with some hot broth on top.

A lot of people order the same meal to start their days. Also, you can get Korean fried chicken which you might like even more than the ones they make in Kentucky. H mart has stacked up shelves with cute Chinese grocery items and even school supplies. However, it’s better known for the food it serves.

If you can’t make it downtown, then H Mart has 6 more stores in GTA for you to visit. They are the perfect place to get a nice Asian feel and hence is the favorite hangout spot for a lot of people, both young and old. If you live close by, then H Mart is something you must not miss out on.

Seafood city

Seafood city - Chinese grocery stores in Toronto

Seafood City is yet another great place in Toronto to get some really good Asian seafood. If you’re trying to have someone over for dinner and you want to have high-quality seafood from Asia, then seafood city is the place to go. They also have a seafood variety that is found in the Philippines and hence they are quite popular in the neighborhood.

Since most people like to buy seafood from there, it has become a go-to place for people. Hence if you’re also on the lookout for good Chinese seafood and also a taste of some other Asian seafood as well, then seafood city is the place to go. It is also one of the most popular Chinese grocery stores in Toronto.


TruptiSpeaking of Asian grocery stores in Toronto, you cant just skip out on an Indian one. Trupti is one of the most famous Indian grocery stores in Toronto that has been turning in a lot of customers with their spicy yet yummy snacks on offer. They have a variety of Asian snacks on the racks for you.

This even includes packed Indian cuisines, spices condiments, and much more. Their store gives you a nice Asian feel, and their products are also high quality. Our favorite in the lot is roasted cashew with chili seasoning on top as it makes the perfect snack to munch on while working.

Trupti has made quite a name in the area and has become the go-to Asian grocery place in Toronto. It is perfect for Indian-Canadians as well as native Canadians because of their perfectly balanced tastes and a variety f groceries on offer. O top of all this, their service is hospitable as well. So if you ever wish to get some Indian grocery items for yourself, then trupti is the go-to place for it all.

Nations fresh food

Nations fresh foodNations fresh food is the perfect place to get your hands on some really good Chinese grocery items. They have a great variety of dry snacks as well as some cuisines on offer as well. They also have meat and seafood in-store to buy all the things you need from one place indeed.

Nations fresh food has been around for a long time and hence is one of the most popular places to get some Chinese groceries from. They have a lot of outlets in Toronto, making it impossible for you to miss out on one. Nations fresh food, not only deals in a Chinese grocery but can also get you regular Canadian grocery as well.

This is what people look for in the area and hence nations’ fresh food is thriving. Also since it gets you Korean beauty products which are hard to find, it is popular in the area. If you haven’t yet heard of them, then we highly recommend you visit their store at least once and experience it for yourself. They have a wide range of products to choose from, hence you will love this place.

Iqbal halal foods

Iqbal halal foodsIf you’re looking for some Indian and Pakistani cuisines to feast on, then Iqbal halal foods are the perfect place for you to visit. Since they have a wide range of meat selections on offer, they are the perfect place to visit before a barbeque party. They also offer a lot of exclusive Asian spices that are hard to ding elsewhere and hence have been thriving for the past 20 years.

Iqbal Halal foods are the local favorite when it comes to getting good meat and high-quality grocery items. Since they have been serving the Pakistani and Indian communities in the area for so long, they have biome a people’s favorite place to be at. Iqbal Halal foods are the perfect grocery store for you to visit if you’re ever in need of some spicy Pakistani cuisine.

PAT central

PAT central - Chinese grocery stores in TorontoLast but not the least, PAT central is one of the best Chinese/ Korean grocery stores in Toronto. They are the perfect place to visit if you’re ever in need of a quick snack. If you ever visit this place we highly recommend you to get the fish-shaped pastry with your choice of red bean paste, custard, and sesame seeds.

PAT central is known for its high-quality Chinese and Korean grocery items and their affordable meat as well. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect place to get some Chinese grocery and Korean beauty products from, then PAT central is the place to go. Also with their instant snacks on offer, they are a must-visit place if you’re on the run.

Sanko Trading Co

Another great mention in the Chinese/Japanese grocery stores in Canada is Sanko trading. They have been trading in edible and nonedible items from japan and have been thriving since people love getting Japanese and Chinese products into their homes.

They also have quite a variety of seafood and spices and hence you can cop up a feel of the indigenous Japanese cuisine. Apart from edible items, they also keep crockery and knives, which are Japanese in origin. They have been the go-to place for people looking for Japanese grocery items and herbs and can be the perfect place for you as well.

Their shelves and racks are filled with Japanese snacks, ceramic utensils, matcha, green tea, and much more. They have a variety of products for a reasonable price and hence are one of the best places to visit to get an Asian feel in Canada.

Heisei mart

Heisei mart is the perfect place to be if you’re looking to stock up on Chinese snacks. They have it all, you name it and they have it stiffed in one of the shelves. From dry snacks like ramen, noodles to sauces and dips. You can find everything you’re looking for. Located in J.town they are one of the most popular Chinese grocery stores in Toronto. You can also get these ramune soda cans and canned coffee, the type which you can only find in Tokyo’s vending machines.

Heisei mart has been around the corner for a long time and hence has become the go-to place for people nearby to get their grocery items. If you want to have a Chinese theme party or even are just looking for some Asian snacks for mukbangs, then heisei mart is the perfect place for you. Their cute shelves and lined-up products are going to win your heart. If you have never visited heisei mart before, then we highly recommend you do so and pick up an item or two for yourself.


Since Chinese and other Asian products are kind of exclusive items in Canada, finding good places to get Chinese groceries can be difficult. This is the reason we came up with this article, so you can help yourself find the perfect place for you to get your Asian grocery items from. Since the stores mentioned above have a wide range of products lined up for you, at affordable prices as well, they are quite the places to visit. If you have not yet heard of even one of the stores mentioned above, then we highly recommend you check them out. Till then, happy shopping! 

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